When in Doubt, When in Faith, It's Your Right to Choose by Psychic Paulina

Date 12/8/2020
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Do you choose to live with faith or doubt?

Do you choose to live with faith or doubt?

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Come on, who doesn’t wish to know when everything we want to have happen, will, in fact, happen? When will he call me, when will I get the job I want, when will I find true love, when will things get better? When this, when that…when when when?

Sometimes, it’s the not knowing that can become so debilitating that our minds anguish and our hearts ache. It’s what oftentimes causes you to call a psychic advisor; the pain of not knowing is too much to deal with alone. The insecurity, the feelings of uncertainty, and the doubts can make us feel as if we’re about to go crazy. It can be a truly sad time. That’s life, ups and downs for sure.

So how about we approach this from a totally different perspective? Let’s open our minds and allow a richness of Spirit to fill our hearts with something healing and fruitful, instead of lonely and empty. Let’s take a look at a different approach, one that just might keep you from that next spin that could have you feeling completely out of sorts.

Faith or Doubt?

First off, let’s face it, questions often lead to more questions. Our minds are typically geared this way. For some sort of investigative research, that’s wonderful, however, in addressing our own daily lives, it can get to be a bit much. Let me count the times I’ve heard ‘When will he call me?’ and then when I give the answer I hear, ‘Should I call him first?’. When I give that answer I hear, ‘But does he love me?’ It can go one and on.

Sometimes it is at that point that I feel my shoulders fold inward and my Spirit begins to disconnect with the Divine. Sorry, it can’t be helped…Faith is required for grace to assist us. That’s just how it is. Believe me, faith is a miracle all by itself and when you apply it all the time to all sorts of situations, it will save you from yourself. Doubt is an ugly monster that feeds us with questions and more questions and more doubt. So, you choose, which do you prefer entertaining, FAITH or DOUBT? It’s up to you, but you had best believe this…You will reap what you sow here.

When we question over and over allowing doubt to override messages of grace from Spirit, we trip ourselves up. We can choose to soar towards the Heavens or freefall into the depths of despair. The choice is yours to make. No one can choose your attitudes, your perspectives or your faith for you. You can choose to live in Divine faith, or you can choose doubt and endless questions and why and when and who and how and why not.

Ask the Right Questions

If you are going to ask, perhaps asking questions that will produce answers that are like steps on a ladder and produce markable progressive insights that lead you to a better place are the right kinds of questions. Asking yourself questions such as ‘is it better for me to live in doubt and fear or hope and faith?’ seem like far better questions to me.

Understand the difference between asking:

‘When will he come back to me?’


‘Am I willing to believe I will always have a beautiful life even if he doesn’t come back?’


‘Will I love myself even if it seems he doesn’t care for me?’

In the first question, the power is placed on HIS choices and actions, in the two other questions, the power is with YOU. When you keep the power with yourself, you much more easily operate from a position of faith, not doubt. Which one are you willing to choose?

Doubt Recreates Your Future

Choosing faith is a Divine action. It is creating a pathway for the Divine to work through. It is better to allow Divine Spirit to assist and comfort you and restore you in the hardest of times. When you hear me say, ‘It is better for you to allow space here for Divine Grace’ please simply have faith. Your doubting can cause the situation to have to work extra hard to reach the same outcomes.

Doubts cause things to get off-balanced, and then you are upset when things don’t go according to the Divine Grace within the Cosmic plans that I can see in your future. In other words, your doubt recreates your future. And, so does your faith. You choose.

Stay in Your Lane

You have the right to choose faith or doubt…and please also accept that when you doubt the Divine Spirits, you choose what is blocking, forcing, fighting and building walls and interrupting the Divine as it attempts to assist you. So, please, allow grace. Allow what is, to be what will be. Change what you feel you can change and find the grace to accept that which you can’t change…HINT, you have no right to try and change others. Stay in your lane. Be humble. Give others space. Who are we to judge what is better for others anyway?

Now, it is also true that when you walk in faith, you walk on a golden trail that can only lead you to better places. When you hear the words, ‘Let go and let God’, this is what is being instructed, so please do that. Let go of doubts and welcome faith and Divine Grace. Spirit always wishes to act in your better interests, so guess what…If he doesn’t come back, or that job isn’t being offered, or your kids never give you the respect you feel you deserve, is that the end of the story? You’ll just give up? That’s it? Over? Done? Do you quit? Or are those situations new starts? Where do you wish to place your faith?

And getting back to that guy you can’t live without, what if he is absolutely no good for you? Maybe the job you really want is going to get in the way of a much better job, so how about let go and let God with faith that only God knows what is better for us. And those kids who lack respect, well, let’s just respect ourselves then. Because look, you either choose faith and Divine Grace, or you choose to be overcome like an earthquake destroying your life with doubt. It’s always up to you.

Living in Faith

You are encouraged to allow some space for Divine Grace to act in its own precious time as it will always operate in your own better interests. Trust and faith in the Divine Spirits means that you can stop attempting to force everything, or demand that someone give you what you think you need. It means understanding that the Divine has its own plans. It means having the grace to accept what the Divine has in store for you. It doesn’t mean sitting around like a baked potato not living, and lazily thinking God and all the coworkers of God are going to start living your life for you either. Faith is a knowing in Divine Grace that all will become as it ought to be, without judgments on your part. Faith is a knowing that there are going to be things that come to pass that we will not like one bit, and that those things have Divine Grace within them that we learn from. Sometimes the Divine Grace hurts. A lot. Yet, when we can live in faith that we are never alone and always supported by God’s own Divine Grace, we are able to accept and understand that whatever is happening, is as it ought to be.

Written with love and compassion for my sweet clients who mean the world to me,

Paulina x3575 


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