When I Close My Eyes: Part 5 - Dreaming the Rainbow by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 8/25/2015
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What do colors in your dreams represent?

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This is Part 5 of our exclusive 5 Part Dream Interpretation series “When I Close My Eyes” by Psychic Advisor Zoey.  

For the final part of my series on Dreaming, I wanted to focus on a part of your dream you may overlook because you don’t even realize or think about it.  We dream in color, in all the multifaceted delicious shades and tints of the rainbow. 

Unfortunately, many times when we wake up in the morning, we do not always remember the colors in our dreams. However, lab research shows that when subjects were woken up while deep in REM sleep, 70% recalled color and an additional 13% only remembered some degree of color.  So it is possible to not only recall the content of your dreams, but the more visual aspects too.

The Impact of Color in Dreams
Since the first filter we sift our dreams through is personal, consider the impact of color. Most people have favorite memories of what certain colors represented to them. Color adds to the emotional content of a dream and, as a symbol, can be quite revealing. This can make dream interpretation somewhat easier.

There are many considerations for decoding the meaning of color in dreams. For instance, where did the color appear?  For example, was it on the feet? This could refer to something practical, base, or lowly. And when did the color appear?  Since color represents emotional states, perhaps, for example, you will see a certain shade of color during a particularly distraught time in your life.

Understanding Dream Color Associations 
Psychologist, Carl Jung assigned certain meanings to different colors. For instance, he associated white with consciousness and black with the unconsciousness. Yellow represented intuition. Blue means thinking. Red equals feeling. Green symbolizes sensation. When all four colors appeared together in a dream, he believed they represented completeness and order.

List of Color Associations:

Primary Colors:
Red: Life energy, aggression, force, power, passion
Yellow: Intellect, energy, happiness, harmony, cowardice, sickness
Blue: Wisdom, tranquility, loyalty, truth, openness

Secondary Colors:
Green: Growth, good health, positive change, hope, vigor, vitality
Purple: Healing, compassion, devotion, royalty, spirituality
Orange: Friendly, sociable, out-going, hope, liveliness

Absence of Color:
Black: The unknown, death, danger, mourning

All Colors:
White: Pure, religious aspirations, peace, innocence, cleanliness

Tertiary Colors:
Silver: Justice, protection energy, purity
Gray: Depression, confusion, emotionally distant, detached
Beige: Neutrality, unbiased position
Brown: Practical, comfort, worldly, materialistic, roots, grounded
Gold: Richness, spirituality
Pink: Sweetness, affection, kindness, healing, love
Burgundy: Wealth, success, potential power

The number one rule to remember is always look at the dream as a whole, rather than taking one symbol (whether it be color or anything else) to represent the entirety.

Now and always, Sweet dreams to all!

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