When I Close My Eyes: Part 4 - Remembering Your Dreams by Psychic Zoey

Date 12/13/2021
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Use a journal to help record your dreams.

Use a journal to help record your dreams.

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Welcome back!  Along our dream journey, you’ve discovered what dreams mean, and are working on how to learn their language. But what difference does this make if you can’t recall your dreams once you wake up! 

Why Can’t I Remember My Dream?
One reason we do not remember our dreams is that we simply don’t want to. From childhood fears, negativity, or lessons learned early on, we are afraid to remember our nightly sojourns. Sometimes there is just too much going on in your “outside world.” This overload of information can overshadow your dreaming mind.

If you simply cannot recall any dreams at all, write down the feelings you have upon waking. These, you will find, are very closely related to what you were dreaming about. As you pay credence to these feelings, your dreaming mind will respond by revealing more and more fragments to you, and eventually, entire dreams!

Ways to Remember your Dreams
Before sleep: Remind your sleeping mind that you truly want to recall your dreams; ask your dreaming mind the answer to a question you’ve been working on.
Record them: Use a special notebook and pen just for your dreams. Keep it by your bedside. Or if your handwriting is just not that legible when you are groggy, try using a voice recorder app on your cell phone to capture your memories.
In Beta: Join dream discussion groups; write and analyze every dream that comes to you. Don’t ignore portions of dreams, these can be very important. Many times with practice, you can pull the entire dream from a small fragment.
See in different ways: Draw any fragments or a scene from your dreams. Give them titles, act them out, or even record them as poems. Anything to help jog your memories and spark the sub-conscious. 

Try one, or all of these methods. You will find that with constant attention directed toward them, your dreams will respond quite nicely.

Dream Catchers and Pillows
If you have trouble with the above methods, you may find success with the addition of a physical object to the bedroom such as a Dream Catcher or Special Pillow. 

A word about Dream Catchers. It is best to hang your dream catcher directly above your bed, or as close by as possible. This allows your dreams to pass through and the best ones to be caught and retained for your waking mind.

If you use a special dream pillow, fill it with your favorite aromatic herbs. These delightful fragrances will envelop you as you lay down on the pillow, providing a comforting entryway into your dreams.

One final piece of interesting information about dreams: The sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, believed that through dreaming, people were given access to their spirit. He believed that all questions could be answered from the inner consciousness with proper awareness.

Now get some sleep and work on remembering your dreams!

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