When I Close My Eyes: Part 2 - Common Dreams by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 1/12/2021
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Have you ever dreamed you were flying?

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This is Part 2 of our exclusive 5 Part Dream Interpretation series “When I Close My Eyes” by Psychic Advisor Zoey. 

In part 1 of this series, I provided an overview of what dreams are and how and why they happen. Now that you understand what they are, in part 2, I’m going to examine a few of the more “common” themes people dream about, and explain what they may, or may not, mean.  See if you’ve had any of these dreams before and if my interpretation is accurate to a situation you are or were going through at the time.

But before I begin, a word of caution.  It is advisable not to read dream symbols separately, but together like reading the tarot cards. If you take each symbol as a standalone story, you may miss the big picture.

Dreams of Flying
We’ve all had dreams of being able to fly, of soaring high above land and sea, in the clouds. Most flying dreams first occur in early adolescence. This is the time when we are moving from the state of being a child into adulthood. Plagued by challenging emotional states, we sometimes really do want to escape our uncomfortable existence and “soar” above it all.

Soaring freely means achieving goals easily, without much effort. Look closely at what you are soaring over as this could give a clue about what efforts your dream is alluding to. Are you flying over your house? Could be domestic bliss is imminent. Are you flying over your office? Success will be achieved at work. As you can see, noticing all the details in a dream is important.

If you are flying close to the ground, or flailing your arms and legs in a determined effort to maintain your stability, this implies that success will come after concentrated effort. Persevere. If we dream of flying high and free, then falling back to earth, unable to maintain a steady course, this erratic flying implies that we are basically unsure of our ambitions, or have a real fear of success.

Sometimes during lucid dreaming, flying depicts astral traveling where our soul does actually move between different realms.

Dreams of Water
Water is another common dream symbol for many people. Since water is a life-giving source, it can signify the flow of energy itself. Generally water illustrates subconscious emotions. If you dream about a choppy sea, your dream may be telling you that you are feeling aggravated about a particular situation. Placid water means your emotions are calm. If the sea is shallow, the emotions shown in the dream will be shallow. If we dream of a river rushing by us, this could mean we feel life has escaped us, and we are no longer in control.

Some “water” actions:

Diving: Can imply that we are “diving” into our subconscious, trying to figure out the parts of ourselves that we have suppressed way down inside. 

Washing: Attempting to rid ourselves of negative feelings. Floods typically represent emotional chaos.

Circles: The circle, a predominant shape is nature, is very meaningful in a dream. If we dream of going in circles, or if there are numerous circle shapes in our dreams, this symbolizes the Universe, or soul. This type of dream has much significance, and usually occurs at life-changing passages in our own existence, or at a time of great upheaval such as war, or the death of a loved one.

Dreams of Trees
Another very common symbol are trees. In dreams, the tree represents our life: its roots being firmly entrenched in practical everyday living, while its limbs stretch toward the sky, uniting with the very essence of life itself.

Did you dream of large branches and full leaves? Your personality is open and loving. Smaller leaves depict more of a restrained way of being. Did you chop a tree down in your dream? That can imply that you need to reorder your life, perhaps start from scratch. 

Basically branches signify the chapters of our lives, while the leaves show the way we communicate with the world. Trees can also symbolize the family unit.

That’s all for this time.  Be sure to check back soon for Part 3 where I will teach you some basic dream interpretation techniques and help you learn to break down the layers and symbols that appear while you sleep. 

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