When bad things happen to good people.

Published Date 5/27/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Bad things can happen to the best people.

Sometimes, I think about people that I know or read for and the things that seem to happen to them.  Most of the times, it seems that they experience some pretty bad things even though they are good people.   It seems perplexing and confusing, unsettling and all together unfair. Then I remember that everything happens at the right time and always for a reason.  Although it doesn't always seem that way, if you take the time to look, you will find that it always works out that way anyway.
I believe that before we are born, while we are still spirit, we agree to specific things that we will encounter during our life, some things good and some not so good.  But all designed to help us learn.
When I was younger, I remember my friend's young sister went into the hospital for a minor problem only to find that she had a very aggressive disease and was terminal.  She died within two weeks of entering the hospital. I was at the hospital with my friend every day, witnessing the most marvelous things imaginable.  The young sister was incredibly kind and thanked everyone who entered her room for the care they were giving, even when it was extremely painful for her.  The young sister had love, grace and beauty beyond belief.   Her family and friends surrounded her thinking that we would comfort her but it was the other way around.  She gave us words of hope for the future and guaranteed us that she was content and would always be there for us in spirit.  She never felt sorry for her lot in life and only wanted us all to share in her peace.
I was there when she passed and it was the most incredible experience of my life.   Everyone in the room was praying, and then the room began to glow.  Family, friends and many hospital workers stood in and outside the room.  You could actually "feel" the love as a warm breeze touched the cheek of everyone there.  It was amazing.   We all stood there stunned.  She had given us beautiful gifts; Love and hope.  She taught us to be strong and to love one another.   She gave us hope for the future and that we would all be together again one day. 
I learned that day that tomorrow is never promised.  Living today as best we can guarantees a beautiful yesterday and a better tomorrow.   Many people learned many lessons and many lives were made better because of this young sister.   How do you thank someone for such a loving and unselfish gift?

So, I guess what I want to say is that when you feel like everything is going wrong and bad things are happening to good people, stop and think.   What can you learn from the difficulty and what lessons might you be able to share with someone in the future.
And now, I send you Light, Love, Peace and Joy as well as something to think about.

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