What Your Favorite Crystal Says About You

Published Date 9/20/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Which crystal speaks to you?

When you’re naturally drawn to a certain crystal, have you ever wondered why it speaks to you? Crystals have healing properties, and many people have a natural attraction to the stone that offers the type of powers they need most. Learn what your favorite crystal says about you and your desires.


If you’re drawn to this stunning purple crystal, you aren’t alone. Those born under several signs of the zodiac seek out amethysts as they explore their own spirituality. Some believe that this crystal also improves your internal and external vision, helping you to see and process the signs around you.


These beautiful green crystals offer myriad healing powers, especially in their raw form. If maintaining focus or staying positive presents a constant struggle, raw emeralds can help you concentrate and eliminate negative thoughts. If you’re drawn to these vibrant green stones, you may also find that they help you become more sensitive to those around you.

Rose Quartz

Like many types of quartz, rose quartz is known for its ability to transmit positive, glowing energy. If you find yourself seeking out the rose version of this crystal over other types of quartz, you may find value in its ability to help relationships flourish. With its combination of positivity and calm, rose quartz helps to set the stage for loving, supportive relationships.


If citrine is your crystal of choice, you’re constantly searching for ways to eliminate negative energy from your life. As any accurate psychic readings would reveal, you thrive on positivity. Fortunately, this warm, honey-colored stone exudes the optimistic yet grounded energy you need.


Those born under the sign of Gemini are often drawn to this calming blue crystal. If you’re constantly feeling as if you’re bouncing in between two extremes or torn between dueling decisions, this crystal offers helpful balancing powers. It also provides clarity when you need it most. If you tend to think most clearly when your mind is free to dream, this crystal couldn’t be a better choice, as it’s known to help the wearer recall dreams.


Calcite comes in many hues, but all versions are known for healing powers that include grounding and centering the wearer. Since calcite also offers much needed stability, this crystal is ideal for those who find themselves constantly oscillating between unhealthy moods. If calcite is your stone of choice, you may be seeking to break a cycle of negative energy and achieve emotional clarity.

Tiger Eye

This intriguing stone might not boast the sparkly, dazzling qualities that other crystals have, but it offers beautiful luster and infinite depth instead. Those born under the sign of Capricorn are often drawn to tiger eye stones, which ground you while boosting your awareness of the world and forces around you.

Understanding the links between the crystals you love and the powers they offer is an important step in the healing process. Learn even more about the power of crystals from psychic readings by phone or by talking with a trusted advisor online.


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