What We Can Learn From the Tree of Life

Published Date 10/7/2020
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Carry the lessons of the tree of life with you for meaningful inspiration in living a richer life.

The tree of life is a spiritual symbol that's featured in many faiths. You can find this tree depicted in paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. This beautiful image has rich symbolism and many valuable lessons to impart. Consider these important things that you can learn from the tree of life.

Taking Nourishment From Above and Below

Trees simultaneously reach up toward the sun and down into the earth, taking nourishment from both. They symbolize connection with spirit above and the rich nourishing earth below. The tree of life teaches us to pursue similar connections, as well, both on the earthly plane as we root ourselves in nature and in the spiritual plane as we reach upward. If you're seeking new ways to connect with spirit, a live psychic chat can put you on the right path.  You can also try this Tree of Life Meditation to ground and protect your energy. 

Seeking Connection With Others

The tree of life is a powerful symbol of connectedness. Its roots and branches reach outward in a tangle of tendrils. Trees are known to form interdependent relationships in the forest, communicating through their root tips which reach out to underground fungi to send messages. Similarly, we are encouraged to reach out and make connections with those around us.

Pursuing Constant Growth

Trees are always growing, reaching new heights every year. Tall and majestic, they represent strength in the storm and the ability to stand tall even if you've lost a branch or two. Learning from the tree of life, we can strive for continual growth in our own lives. Consider getting a tarot reading with the tree of life spread to see which direction your own growth is going in.

Experiencing Stages of Dormancy and Rebirth

The tree of life is a particular type of tree. It's not a palm tree or a pine tree. Rather, it's a deciduous tree, which is an important aspect of its symbolism. Throughout the year, deciduous trees go through distinct phases. They're lush and green in summer. In autumn, they put on a vibrant show of color before dropping their leaves and going dormant for the winter. In spring, new leaves spring forth and the cycle begins again.

We go through similar cycles in our own lives. Taking a lesson from the tree of life, we can recognize that a period of dormancy isn't a disaster. Rather, it's a gentle gift that gives us a period of quiet contemplation before we burst forth into our personal spring once again.

Living in Peace

Trees are peaceful creations, remaining stable and reliable. They may sway in the breeze but they're always waiting patiently right where you left them. They provide shade for the creatures below and a perch for those above. They live in perfect peace with their surroundings. Following the inspiration of the tree of life, you can aspire to a similarly peaceful existence.

Keep a depiction of the tree of life close in a necklace charm or desktop sculpture so you'll have a brilliant reminder of these lessons that you can practice every day.


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