What the Stars Say about Your Dog's Personality

Date 5/20/2020
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This pooch might be a Pisces.

This pooch might be a Pisces.

As a dog owner, you know that your pooch has her own specific likes, dislikes, and moods. What you may not know is that the stars influence your dog's personality just like they affect yours. Let’s look at what the signs of the zodiac say about your dog.


The effervescent Aries pup is full of energy, friendly, and loves being surrounded by friends and family. However, she’s also an able watchdog, ever vigilant for intruders.


Your Taurus pup is a practical animal. He lives in the here and now and enjoys his creature comforts. He loves physical affection, too, so give him plenty of pets and belly scratches.


The changeable Gemini dog treasures new experiences. She’s extremely bright and seems to move through the world at lightning-fast speed. A lovable clown, her antics will make you laugh, even on the bleakest of days.


The Cancer dog will never run away from home. He’s sensitive, intuitive, and always loving. Attached to the family, he’s quite protective of those under his care.


The loyalty of a Leo dog is second to none. She’s brave and strong, ready to leap into any situation to save the day. According to pet psychics, she loves the limelight, so ignore her at your peril.


The finicky Virgo dog needs stability and routine in his life. He resists change, preferring to walk a familiar route at the same time every day. Detail-oriented, he makes a superior guard dog.


The Libra dog is a social butterfly who needs lots of company to be happy. Friendly and affable, she enjoys visitors. She’s sure to mingle with every new face she sees.


The mischievous Scorpio pup is always up to something. He’s independent yet fiercely loyal. He has wanderlust, but he’ll stick close to home when there’s trouble so that he can comfort those he loves.


Playful and energetic, the Sagittarius dog loves action. If you were to ask an animal communicator what your Sag dog wants, he or she would tell you that it’s to go where you go and do what you do. Take this dog with you when you go camping or on a bike ride; she’ll love you for it.


The Capricorn pup is fastidious about her appearance. She doesn’t mind a trip to the groomer’s, and she loves to be brushed. Very eager to please, she enjoys having something to do.


The Aquarius dog is an explorer and is eager to soak up information. Although he's a quick learner, he may not always obey your commands.


The Pisces dog is a very sensitive soul, so it takes a gentle hand to train him. Attuned to your moods, he’s the first to comfort you with gentle licks and cuddles when you’re upset.

Whether your pet is an introverted Cancer or outgoing Libra, the stars’ influence on her personality is clear.


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