What's Your Favorite Color To Wear? by Psychic Heather

Published Date 6/26/2015
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What color do you tend to wear the most?

Our favorite colors are often reflected in the clothing we wear. We rarely wear colors frequently that we have a strong aversion to, if there are any such colors for us. But we do choose to purchase and wear colors that we enjoy or find pleasant. This can change as well. The color of an outfit we select may just reflect the mood we happen to be in that particular day.

Being aware of our color choices and what they mean can often help us get in touch with our feelings. 

What are you wearing today?

Consider why you may have selected the dominant colors from the options listed.  Share your comments below and let us know if your choices of clothes is an accurate reflection of how you feel today! 


Excitement, passion, energy. Intensity is indicated by this power color. Sometimes it is chosen intentionally to indicate power. If you need to make a presentation, for instance, wearing red can send a signal of power to audience members. 


Love and romance; caring, peace, tenderness. Wearing pink can indicate feelings of peace and harmony. Pink is often chosen when a person has a secret crush or a newly developing romantic interest. 

Quiet, pleasant, efficient, simple. People usually wear white or beige when feeling very organized and competent. These colors promote a sense of competency. 

Optimism, happiness, contentment, joy. Yellow is a color associated with spring time. Choosing yellow can indicate a sense of renewal or rebirth. It indicates feelings of happiness and hope for the future. This is slightly tricky though. Yellow is also associated with cowardice. We often choose yellow if we are feeling unsure about standing up for ourselves. 

Peace, tranquility, cleanliness and order. The associations for the color blue are the sky or water which both evoke feelings of stability and comfort. Selecting a very dark blue color can indicate feelings of depression as a result of being too focused on self. Hence the expression "I'm feeling blue." 


This color also has both positive and negative associations. It is the color of royalty. It can indicate self-confidence and assurance as well as wisdom and enlightenment. Taken to the extreme (wearing very dark purple or wearing it frequently) can indicate arrogance, stubbornness which can lead to cruel words or actions. 

This can indicate energy, warmth and vibrancy. Too much bright orange can also indicate a need for attention 


A nature color, this choice reflects health, vibrancy, and a love of nature. A person who wears a lot of green tends to be generous and nurturing. The downside of green is its association with envy or jealousy. Our subconscious minds make this connection and we may also wear green when we feel jealous or envious of someone close to us. 


Another nature color, this indicates stability, reliability and endurance. Too much brown can indicate a boredom with life or feeling stuck in a routine.  


Though often associated with sadness, this can also mean one is in a neutral mood. As with beige/ivory, this choice, particularly in the work environment, can indicate a need for competency and efficiency. However, wearing gray all the time can also indicate sadness and worries about aging. 


This is another “power color” and is often selected for its impact particularly in the business world. It can also make a sexual statement. Most of us ladies have our “little black dress”. Throughout time, however, this color has also been associated with grief and sadness. Most people elect to wear black to funerals, for instance. Wearing black exclusively can indicate a depressed mood or unresolved grief. 

Next time you stare at your wardrobe, deciding what to put on, consider the color you wear may say more about you than you realize!  


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