What on Earth is Happening in 2017? by Psychic Danielle

Published Date 1/10/2017
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Expect a Powerful Energy Shift in 2017!

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Remember the Mayan Calendar and all the hype about the end of the world? Well, the world may have in fact already ended, as we have known it, which may have been what the Mayans were expecting. 

Many Metaphysicians from a broad spectrum of disciplines believe that there has been a substantial energy shift on the planet, most notably starting on July 11, 1991, and again on December 21, 2012 during major Astrological events the latter of which was what many considered the end of the Mayan Calendar.  

A Powerful Shift
In the Hindu tradition they call these shifts Yugas. In the Christian tradition these shifts are called dispensations. Whatever you call it, the initial characteristics of a new age are global upheaval and unrest, natural disasters, and greater extremes in polarities between positive and negative, light and dark or virtue and depravity. 

The Mayan teaching is that the vibrations on the planet have increased from external forces, perhaps Terrestrials, Divas, God, Allah, Brahma Yahweh, Messiah, whatever you choose to call this, as these higher beings intervene to assist our planets evolution. "Astronomy in the Maya Codices" shows astronomical alignments which would herald these occurrences, most recently on July 11, 1991, and December 21, 2012 as mentioned above. As these frequencies increase, they affect individuals differently, depending on the consciousness of the person. 

Spiritual Growth and Evolution
If one is working on spiritual growth and evolution, they may find their multisensory selves developing at breakneck speed. If the person resists the higher consciousness and clings to the ego self, many will simply step off the planet, as we have already witnessed in recent years and most notably in 2016 when an alleged record number of high profile celebrity obituaries were filed. 

Mother Earth Herself is responding to the vibrational change by purging Herself of all the toxins and abuses she has endured, manifesting in what we are calling natural disasters. The polarities of behaviors among individuals are becoming more pronounced and clearer and seem influenced upon the vibrationary levels on which an individual functions. Some individuals and groups are evolving in acceptance, love and tolerance of their fellows, and in philanthropic activities, while others are acting out violently with terrorism and pointless shootings and killings of innocent people, for no apparent reason. 

Peace and Love
As the energy increases we speed toward a “New Heaven and a New Earth.” It is foretold that we are coming into a Yuga of Harmony, Peace and Love. Anything and anyone not in alignment with this energy will simply be purged. I don’t portend to know all the details related to these changes. Entire studies involving much more detailed data than this brief article can comfortably contain have been compiled by those taking notice of our planetary and human behavioral changes and one can make a complete study of this through online research or through studying the teachings of Theosophical and Theological Societies. For the purposes of this writing, let me say that I have read and experienced enough to believe firmly that the “signs” are evident to anyone looking. 

A Higher Evolution is Coming
It appears that we are in the beginning stages of a higher evolution of our species, for which so many have been ushering in through prayer and supplication from communities of various belief systems for hundreds of years. Imagine a world not driven by Ego, and lust for power and greed and avarice, but motivated by genuine caring for our fellows, and a realization of the connectedness of all life, where kindness and service become rewards in and of themselves. If your focus is on opening your heart and diminishing the ego personality, then be aware that you are already in the process of this planetary shift, which for all of us signals a time of the actual realization of peace on earth and goodwill toward (hu)man.

Happy New Year!

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