What Is Spiritism?

Published Date 11/5/2016
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Enhance your life with spiritism

A science, a philosophy, and a religion, spiritism centers on the presence and nature of spirits. From evolution to reincarnation, spiritism touches on virtually every aspect of a spirit’s existence. Take a closer look at spiritism and learn how spirits can help you gain a greater understanding of love, life, and growth.

Essentials of Spiritism

As a science, spiritism focuses on how and why spirits exist. Through this lens, experts analyze souls and their connection to the human body and mind. Spiritism incorporates the belief that spirits aren’t completely separate beings. Instead, they’re souls that no longer have a physical connection to a human body.

As a philosophy, spiritism takes a deeper look at how spirits grow and evolve. The philosophy of spiritism believes that all people have an active role in their spiritual evolution. Ultimately, your efforts to grow both morally and intellectually contribute to your spiritual growth.

As a religion, spiritism relies on basic Christian tenets. This belief system focuses on the spiritual ties that bind you with both higher powers and those around you. In this way, spiritism embraces the natural laws that regulate personal evolution and growth.

How Spiritism Differs From Spiritualism

Since spiritism and spiritualism both emphasize the importance of the spirit, it’s easy to confuse these two philosophies. Spiritism belongs to the broader belief system of spiritualism, but the two philosophies differ rather significantly.

While spiritism concentrates on growth and development in the present and future, spiritualism centers on the past. The latter belief system holds true that living souls can communicate with the spirits of the dead. Not everyone can perceive or connect with the spirit world, but many psychic mediums can effectively communicate with the afterlife. There, the spirits of the dead grow, evolve, and continue on their journey through the spirit world.

How Spiritism Embraces Love and Reincarnation

The spiritist philosophy believes that spirits continue to grow and evolve long after their human bodies have passed on. That’s because reincarnation is a key component of the spirit’s evolution process. As time passes and the soul evolves, the spirit passes from one physical life to the next. Since this happens eternally, reincarnation offers spirits the opportunity to continue to both make amends for the past and reach higher toward a better future.

Ultimately, spiritism believes that eternal reincarnation will allow every spirit to achieve total happiness. When that happens, your spirit will reach pure harmony and have a complete understanding of true love. Since your spirit will live for eternity, the personal and moral growth that you pursue during your life will contribute to your spirit’s ultimate love and happiness.

Whether you’re interested in spiritism as a science, a philosophy, or a religion, this belief system can have a positive impact on your life, since it centers on personal growth and spiritual evolution. Spiritism can help you move forward during a challenging time in your life, and an online psychic reading can offer more insight into key moments in your spiritual journey and your ability to love in a way that’s larger than anything you’ve ever imagined.


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