What Is Lucid Dreaming? by Psychic Jade

Published Date 11/16/2017
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During a lucid dream, you become aware you are dreaming!

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When we dream at night our consciousness leaves our bodies and travels to other realms. Don't let this be a scary thought as it is completely natural. We spend about one third of our lives asleep! This gives our spirits a chance to recharge, to find information, to review our life choices and experiment with different outcomes. 

Have you ever felt as if you were falling, or been awakened by something unexpectedly and had the feeling of disorientation? This is simply because your dreaming body, or the part of your consciousness that travels through the dream world, has come back to your physical body suddenly and it takes a moment to align itself again. 

The Symbols in Dreams
Our dreams speak to us in a language of symbolism. When we become lucid while in the dream state, it just means that we are aware we are dreaming, and if we can learn to control this awareness, we can exert our intention over our dream landscape and travel where we wish to. You may already be an avid lucid dreamer, or an aspiring one, and there are certain techniques you can use to help you become more lucid while you sleep. 

The most important tool is your intent. You may design your lucid dreaming experiments how you wish, or ask your guides for suggestions. You might choose to act out a repetitive task at the moment you become aware that you are in the dream state, switch the dream landscape to something specific, tell yourself what you want to dream next, like “I want to fly” for example. There are many types of exercises you can come up with or may already be doing while in the lucid state. Some people are great at waking up a couple minutes before their alarm clock sounds for example. 

How Lucid Dreaming Helps in the Waking World
Becoming lucid while you dream can help you in solving things you are challenged by in your waking reality, find other perspectives and explore new pathways, and develop a deeper understanding of your own subconscious landscape. I suggest keeping a dream journal or keep a voice recorder by your bed, to begin developing your own interpretations to your dreams. It doesn't matter the type of dream or length, just record as many details as you can recall as well as the emotions behind the scenes which will help you not only with dream recall, but with the integration of your lucid and waking states of awareness. 

Highest Blessings!
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