What is an Indigo Child? by Psychic Ginger

Date 5/24/2019

Are you an Indigo Child?

Are you an Indigo Child?

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Indigo Child Definition

So... let's start with the basics. What is an indigo child? This is someone who taps into every day Life patterns and feels like things can and should be better. They were born after the 70's typically and are driven by creative inspirations. They enlighten and teach others that there are different ways of being spiritual, having relationships and building careers. They dig into issues to make things better not just for themselves but for everyone. How we see them is they are very strong willed and self aware. Empathetic. They can be strange but also have a very strong purpose. 

Am I an Indigo Child?

There's a lot of questions in an indigo child. From how to live your daily life, structuring a career and how to create and transform relationships. It's starts with does this fit me? If not, how should I change it. And this attitude shows. The curiosity and love to challenge everyday norms is the strongest marker.

I stepped into this notion and when I found the definition and highlights of being an Indigo Child things just clicked. And by clicked; I mean knowing and seeing the traits of being independent and empathetic truly made sense on a deeper level. Past findings of high energy and focus driven people spark so much interest so I dug into the layers of discovering the inner peace and chaotic boundaries that can arise when you find you're on this path.

First and foremost, we have to shake some bias. We are all working towards opening doors to our awareness and awakening our inner needs. I will be bold and say we all have this choice of path. However, consciously open the door of deep understanding for others and making the connections to their lives is the key to chasing the boundaries of the indigo child.

We're going to look at the levels of awareness that an active indigo child shifts through. It starts by being empathetic and that very journey is what pulls you into a whole new perspective that teaches you to trust your intuition. The next three areas are not a map. Actually, you are more than likely using your inner compass to fluctuate in all three and putting your efforts into relationships, career and family in different degrees of awareness. Thankfully we’re great at multitasking. 

Level 1 – The Building Blocks

Given the environment you're in your level of confidence will direct you to build your personal power. This is where being high energy and curious is a key building block. Paying attention to details will trigger growth. Catching the details will put you into the themes and cycles which leads to gaining a full understanding of the common energies around you. Your knowledge of how to handle and approach a situation or goal just by understanding the consequences and how it will personally affect you and others takes shape.

Level 2 – Laying the Foundation

The new and exciting intrigues you. Other things, even if they eventually lead to either boredom or a level of being hurt, also pull you in in the beginning. Either way, we're here to learn on the indigo child path. And once you start making connections how things escalate or deescalate you, start to trust how far you should invest yourself. You catch key notes that manifest the changes you need and get to where your awareness helps those around you. You take the consequences and start laying foundations. This has a more emotional base where personal power derives from your thinking and being consciously aware. 

Level 3 – Trusting Your Intuition 

Often indigo children are labeled as independent, and this stems from challenging the norms around them. On a bigger scope it's simply asking “why?” Once you start to become confident and focus on the common energies around you there is going to be some testing that takes place to make sure you fully understand the deeper meaning. Following this with a sharp focus and not being afraid of shaping the areas that you're unhappy with brings an internal trust that will set you apart. Trusting yourself makes you independent in a rich sense that your value drives the areas of your life. Your intuition speaks to you at every turn and your light attracts others. 

How are you awakening your consciousness? By being aware of your subconscious wants. 

Are you seeking the deeper meaning of emotions and thoughts? This will show you your subconscious drives. 

Feel free to come chat with me. This path pulls us and as a guide I'd be so thrilled to look at where you are on this path as an Indigo Child. 

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