What Happens to a SOUL After it Leaves the Body? by Psychic Anthony

Date 5/11/2021

What happens to a soul after it leaves the body?

What happens to a soul after it leaves the body?

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When people we love pass away, we can’t help but wonder why the YOUniverse steals those we love so finally and suddenly. Why do we go through up to about one hundred or so years of life only to leave it all behind without finishing the quest? Why is that great friend we love so well, with all the unique qualities we love, suddenly gone? Their eyes are closed, and their voice is silent with all its’ unique music of tone and laughter. Where did it go and what does it all mean?

Understanding the Mystery

The problem with understanding this great morbid mystery is that we already know deep inside the answer. We experience it every night when our mind dreams on without a body. We know it from our own sense of what it right and what is just and what is true. The person and all those personal traits and idiosyncrasies goes on without us, and without a physical body, into a psychic dimension of a Dream Time experience.

The Realms Within

The Spirit World, or as I prefer to call it, The Realms Within, is a dream world that is not trying to fool you that it isn’t a dream. Deep in our hearts we know this dream world very well, for it is our first home as a Soul without a body. It is where we are created and where we return between every lifetime to use the masterpiece of the Soul: the ego consciousness of our daily lives on earth. It is the artistic delight of the Soul to create that singular focus of consciousness we have created on earth through the unique human experience.  This concept has been creatively explored in the appropriately titled 2020 Disney/Pixar film "Soul."

Our Eternal Soul

What do our Souls do with the ego’s perceptions and biases carved from a single lifetime in limitless and eternal time and space? We use it to take a mystical journey through the totality of mind we have as an eternal soul; starting from the point of view of the person we are at our passing, a singular masterpiece of Souls. Our personality then travels psychically through the landscape of our thoughts and feelings and dreams. We study our being and see, through thrilling symbolic experiences, that we are an essential being, playing our perfect part in the totality of the YOUniverse.

Once we arrive at the end of that spiritual journey and become one with the YOUniverse, we only need one thing to make our existence complete: to be a human being again and carve another masterpiece out of the drama of the ages on earth. Our eternal Soul craves be a helpless little creature at the mercy of a YOUniverse that is a challenge so great that the soul can forget that the starry expanse is a reflection of who you truly are: a precious masterpiece of a singular ego lost in the vast and infinite and mysterious YOUniverse; always one step beyond our ability to fully comprehend it! We face this mortal challenge over and over forever. And the YOUniverse loves us for it!


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