What Does Your Moon Sign Say About You?

Published Date 3/22/2018
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Finding out your moon sign will give you insight into your emotional needs.

Though people usually think of sun signs when discussing astrological projections, moon signs are also very important. Moon signs shape our personalities and lives.

What Is a Moon Sign?

Moon signs are key to understanding ourselves. While your sun sign determines zodiac personality, your moon sign is the second most important influence when it comes to horoscope charts. Your moon sign represents your inner mood and emotions.

Put together, your sun and moon signs have a huge influence on how you function emotionally. Your moon sign determines your subconscious needs, like what makes you feel secure emotionally. You can figure out what your moon sign is based on where the moon was where you were born, shaping your soul and your emotions.

How to Calculate Your Moon Sign

Sun signs are easy to figure out. Those signs almost everyone knows are calculated easily based on the month and day of your birth. Moon signs, however, need a bit more precision. You can determine a moon sign based on a calculation of the place, full date, and time of birth.

An exact time of birth helps the most, but if you know the approximate time of your birth, an astrologer can help determine what your moon sign is. Because the moon shifts quickly around the zodiac, time of birth is key to placing your moon sign accurately — especially if the moon is about to move to the next sign on your birth date. The moon takes only a month to touch all the signs, and it stays in each sign for about two days.

Moon Signs Influence Sun Signs

Your moon sign can affect the strength to which your sun sign is expressed in your personality. Moon signs that align with sun signs can bring out the characteristics even more strongly, while moon signs that counteract sun signs can dampen the effect of your sun sign on your personality.

Take a Scorpio, a water sign, who also has a watery moon sign in Pisces. This person might be even more intuitive and emotional, since both are traits of water signs. On the other hand, the aggressive nature of an Aries can be tempered by a calm Taurus moon.

Moon Signs Play Into Matches

You've likely learned how your sun sign influences the people you get along with (as well as those who are terrible matches). Moon signs also find who your kindred spirits and soulmates are. A psychic telephone reading can give you insight into this.

If you're looking for a soulmate, finding someone whose moon sign is compatible with yours is a good bet. Sun and moon signs can also sit in similar signs to make a good match. Having moon signs in similar elements — water, air, earth, or fire — is one of the best ways to determine how well people will emotionally connect.

Knowing your moon sign will give insight into your personality. Moon signs are essential to understanding ourselves and how we relate to those around us.


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