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What Does it Mean if I Dream About My Teeth Falling Out?

Date 12/14/2021
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Disturbing dreams can give you important daytime revelations.

Disturbing dreams can give you important daytime revelations.

Alarming as it is to dream of your teeth falling out, this is actually a fairly common dream experience. Here are some of the possible interpretations for this type of dream. Understanding what your dream means will help you resolve the underlying issues that may cause this experience.


Growing Up

Your teeth naturally fall out as you grow from a child to a teenager. In this context, losing your teeth in a dream can mean that you're growing out of one stage in life and preparing to move on to the next. Remember that in the early stages of life, losing your teeth is often celebrated. Losing a tooth in your dream could represent that it's time for you to grow into something stronger and more permanent.


Letting Go of the Old

Letting your teeth go in a dream may represent the process of letting go of things that are no longer meant for you in this life. Though this process may be uncomfortable and even leave you feeling a little "toothless" for a time, learning to let go gracefully is an important part of life. If you pull your own tooth out in the dream, this could indicate that you're ready to let go of something that's only hindering you and move on.


Loss of Control

If you find that your teeth are crumbling out of your mouth uncontrollably, this typically represents a loss of control in your waking life. You don't feel like you have a full reign on things. Some things that you desire may even slide right out of your grasp or seem to fall apart in your hands. In life, it's inevitable that we will occasionally lose control. This dream encourages you to prepare for this release so you can handle it calmly.


Trouble With Communication

Your teeth are a crucial tool for communication. Without them, you may find that you just can't get your message across right anymore. Losing teeth in a dream may indicate that you feel like you're not communicating well in your real life. Consider whether you're feeling misunderstood or you're keeping quiet when you need to speak up. Improving communication in the waking world can put an end to these disturbing dreams at night.


Misplaced Value

If your dream featured an overwhelming obsession with your appearance after your teeth fell out, this may indicate that your values aren't where they should be. Have you become so concerned with your outward appearance that you've neglected to cultivate your spiritual, mental, and emotional beauty as well? Evaluate what you're prioritizing.


Speaking with an intuitive psychic, a counselor, or a trusted friend may help you gain more personalized insights about this dream. When you uncover the deeper message behind your dream, you can begin to grow and evolve from this experience.



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