What Are the Benefits of Having a Past Life Reading? by Psychic Jae

Date 8/31/2022
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What can a past life reading discover for you?

What can a past life reading discover for you?

We all are souls that are boundless and limitless, which means, our consciousness has lived more than one life. A past life reading is when a psychic taps into the unique signature of your soul to reveal other lives you've lived. The soul brings information from these lives forward that are helpful to the current life.

You may or may not remember your past life. Many remember details of previous lives from birth and others have spontaneous memories that arise later in life. Whether you don't remember at all or remember partially, working with psychics can help in the following areas:


Have you ever met someone and felt like you’ve always known them? This can be because you knew each other in another life. A past life reading can provide details on who, when, where, what happened and how you passed. This information can give clarity, comfort, and guidance on what to do in this life.

Conversely, have you ever met someone new you just disliked or felt uncomfortable around but didn’t know why? It could be because you had a negative experience with them in another life or there might just be something unresolved between the two of you that unnerves you. Gaining clarity on this with a past life reading can be freeing because it can help you know why you feel what you feel and how to address it in the most loving way to yourself. 

For example, you might be having an issue with a family member that could be karmic or unable to leave a person that's not healthy for you. A past life reading can uncover the reasons why and offer solutions for this life.


You might have felt naturally drawn to certain clothing or music. This might be because you were born previously during that time period. A place on the planet, a career, a color, a scent, a house, etc., might stand out to you or seem to call to you. A psychic reading can share the details as to why. Perhaps you love wine because you used to own a vineyard. Maybe you love the scent of lilacs because you grew up near a lilac bush in another life. You can have an affinity for things that aren't the best for you, too. In each case, a past life psychic reading can be enlightening.


The emotional body is normally the biggest imprint that remains from prior lives, and so, by learning the details of the past life, it can heal irrational fears, phobias and irritations. Sometimes it is just the information that heals; other times more work is needed.


What we leave unfinished in a past life, our soul normally wants to finish in our current life. You might be pressuring yourself to get that book written, to get to that level in your career you've been dreaming about since you were a child, to meet a certain person, or to make something creative, etc. Dreams can be beautiful things that motivate us, but they can also cause pressure and stress.

Knowing that we have lived before can give us the peace that if we don't complete something in this life, then we can in another life. A psychic reading on your soul's dreams can also give direction on what to do in this life. You may even want to try a past life tarot reading for another point of view. 

NOTE: Sometimes we aren't ready for the information, so nothing comes through or no new information comes through during a past life reading. When we aren't ready for the information we might try to force or manipulate people to be what they've been in the past or blame them for what they've done. It's important to forgive, heal and be compassionate and you will likely get more and more details about your past lives.

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Jae has always had an infinity for the Divine. She started studying to develop as a psychic-medium at the age of 15. Over the last 20 years she has dived heart first into healing herself and passing on what she's learned to others. Her teachers range from master mediums in Lilydale to self-taught lovers of the Tarot and dedicated energy healers with more than 100 years of experience between them. She is constantly learning. Forever a lover of life, Jae only shares wisdom in her articles from first-hand experiences and remains committed to supporting the spiritual community.


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