Weight Loss Goals for the New Year by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 1/5/2013
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Set realistic goals and make a plan to achieve them

The year 2013 is now here, and it is time to create resolutions or goals of what you want the New Year to bring! With each New Year, we see more and more advertisements for different exercise equipment, specials for gym memberships, and diets.  “Losing Weight” Or “Being Healthy and Fit” are common goals for most people. However, I've noticed that about three months into the New Year is normally when routines start going on a downward spiral. Either the routine has become too much, or you aren't loosing the weight you wanted, or you just give up!

This year it’s time to make a different change. If you are looking to lose weight and be fit, remember that this takes a good plan and plenty of time. Start with making a realistic plan that fits you. Take that exercise class that seems fun to you such as Zumba, Yoga, or the Martial Arts you have always wanted to take.  Or simply join a 24 hour gym with equipment readily available, so you can focus on different areas each time you go.

If you don’t have much time throughout the week, plan around your schedule. Even if you can only do thirty minutes for two to three days, then that is what works for you. Remember that the results you are looking for take time and this is not just something that will happen overnight.  So, set realistic goals such as losing 4-5 lbs a month which is easier to accomplish. This will keep you from beating yourself up if you don’t reach the results you want. Most people set goals way too high then end up down or burned out when these goals are not accomplished. Don’t be an overachiever in this, take your time and be realistic!

Last, losing weight and being fit requires healthy eating habits. Again, be realistic! You don’t necessarily have to have a specific diet every day or a point system to choose what you eat. The best way is to keep a journal for a week before you start your program and write down everything you eat. Once the week is up, go through it and figure out what choices could have been changed to be healthier. Instead of that burger, choose the veggies or instead of that soda, choose water. After all, life is all about positive choices!

And most of all keep it simple and never ever give up! Give yourself a good year of keeping it simple and staying motivated and you will have the results you are wanting. 

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