Weaving a Web of Spiritual Awakening by Psychic Ginger

Date 10/25/2022
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Spiritual Awakening involves asking a lot of questions.

Spiritual Awakening involves asking a lot of questions.

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Awakening spiritually... when I'm asked how to trigger this or initiate it, I always follow with “What are you questioning?” Yeah, I get a lot of strange looks. But to put it simply, I'm told "that's why I'm asking you." But my friends I'm here to say, it all starts with your questions. 

re you curious about the other side of the veil? Are you wanting to know about your own internal compass? Is there real weight to our choices that will be called into question by a higher form? This is awakening. Sitting down in a calm place and becoming aware of your environment. Relax and turn your focus inward and start organizing what you want to know. Then research. Ask every question from every angle. Starting with the what, why and where, which all leads to specific details such as when. </p

Ask Questions to Discover What Fits

We grow with every question. They take us down a path we either are open to or we need to adjust and move a different direction. The attitude here is not being in a mindset that something is right or wrong. It simply just doesn't fit. If it doesn't fit, it's not going to attract you to dig into it. Go with what fits. The questions are meant to guide us to the realms we seek. When something feels too difficult, you may simply need to pause and rethink what you know and move in a slightly different direction.

For example… Is there something on the other side? Ask yourself if you believe in spirits or guides. And dig into various beliefs about them. What feels right for your path? Remember, try not to say no, but I'm also not saying you have to run amok creating beliefs about the potential out there. We're not hunting ghosts. We're seeking our questions. To move forward, find sources you feel open to and ideas that inspire you to know more.

As you find sources of comfort that resonate with you, if anything ripples your way that feels “bad,” I would suggest not digging in until you are more organized with what fits. Why? Because this would fall in line with being a distraction. Search engines are fun and lovely until we are twisting ourselves up information wise and are now back at square one. We're not saying no, but rather that we don't need that piece right now and we're going to sort out the “why” as we go.

A Lifelong Journey

Spiritual awakening is a web we weave every day subconsciously. Our choices on how we handle things in our daily life actually craft this web. This is why after a little experience we start having amazing moments where we feel we bloom. We create a part of ourselves. 

I have been asked many times. When will I awake and have harmony? When will the battles balance in my soul and life? This comes when you answer your questions of why you chose certain paths or why your focus was off or distracted. Simply, why do you treat situations and relationships like you do? We awaken when we seek perspective! 

Ask your Psychic Source advisor after you've organized your questions about some of the things we've covered. Spiritual readings can bring so much depth and help provide an anchor to your life that may seem out of control. 


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