We Weren't All Famous Once - A More Realistic Approach to Past Life Regression by Psychic Zoey

Date 10/11/2021
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No, we weren't all famous like Cleopatra in our past lives. But that's OK!

No, we weren't all famous like Cleopatra in our past lives. But that's OK!

When we think of past life regression, we usually get a vision of something exotic, beautiful and well known. Someone like Cleopatra? Women are always beautiful, stunning and (yes) famous. Men are strong, virile and by nature always save the day. But really, think about it…. or better yet, look around. People come in all shapes and sizes. They think and react differently. When I read for customers, I see men with feelings and women without any. So goodbye to stereotypes. Ha! What I’m saying is what is true in this life is also true in past lives. And perhaps most of all, it’s ok. 

Those of us who have been regressed and find that we were once surfs tilling the soil for an English lord in Medieval England need not be disappointed or even worse, ashamed. Just as the lessons we’ve learned in this life so we will not repeat, those in past lives will also be negated. 

Past Life Regression - It All Starts with the Feet

During a past life regression I like to begin with the feet, which are, after all, the foundation of the body. Without feet we cannot walk or stand. Please note as diverse as we are, everybody performs past life regressions differently. My Guides frequently show me the turning of calendar pages, picture the wind blowing through the pages of those single sheet monthly desk calendars that you can easily rip away. I ask the client to picture these pages as well. As we go through this exercise, I can feel the client’s vibrational force relax and let go, I know when to stop. I will ask them to next look down at their feet and tell me what they see.

In a recent regression for a client, my Guides showed brown ankle sized boots with slight heels. Next came the picture of her long dress, shoulders were slightly puffed, material gathered at the waist. Actions came next and my Guides presented her moving back and forth as she handled chores at what looked like a country store. Next I saw a large man with a dark colored beard enter. He looked out of sorts and held his body tightly. She, on the other hand, was trying to do beyond her best in pleasing him. Next came a vision of this women standing outside what looked like their home in the gathering dusk. She was gazing up at the sky imploringly. Her eyes saddened, but dry of tears.

My soft-spoken client shook her head in recognition. “Because I’m so easy going, I always seem to attract someone who wants to control me,” she said. Her eyes took on the same knowing look of that of the vision.

I typically ask if the past life ring true with clients. This time, of course, it was unnecessary.

A Deeper “Knowing”

I find past life regressions are very useful in pointing out life patterns, and because they are so distanced, giving the client a clear perspective. They are useful tools rather than glamorous ego-boosting trips. Most people have had an experience of going somewhere, perhaps far away, perhaps not, and “recognizing” a scene, or feeling extremely familiar with an object. Ever look out a window in a place you’ve never been before and felt like you had? 

People meet people all the time and feel a “knowing” tie, a familiarity that resonates to their souls. Something deeper than the recognition of someone with familiar life patterns, who perhaps was brought up the same way. This is a deeper “knowing”, like looking beyond their eyes and seeing their soul. This is someone whom you’ve shared experiences with… in another time, in another place, in a past life. 

Please be aware the next time you go to be regressed and someone pulls the Cleopatra card. Ugh. Even better, always be open. Strive to be “in the moment” and you will be better attuned to those times when you do see familiar things that shouldn’t be familiar; strangers who you “know”. It’s then you’ll know, you are looking into the past.

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Zoey has always been passionate about writing and art. She's had many media stories published plus poetry and greeting card verses. Some of her very favorite stories were written about Jamaica from a press tour. These led to discussions about her tarot reading. Before she knew it she was being asked to come back and read in a salon. Zoey is currently working on a fiction book about how thoughts can create your world. She hopes through her characters to teach clients how to create less havoc in their lives while manifesting their heartfelt desires.


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