We Live a Life of Magic - 6 Folklore Traditions by Psychic Sapphire

Date 11/6/2020

If you've ever "Knocked on Wood"... do you know why?

If you've ever "Knocked on Wood"... do you know why?

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Magic is all around us. It’s true, look around and you will find moments of wonder and delight by taking the simplest of actions. Each day we participate in folklore** rituals without giving them a second thought.

Here are six time-honored magical traditions I find particularly interesting along with how to use them to your advantage.

1) Spilling salt. Salt is the foundation of life. It’s said to purify and protect us from harm. Ancient mystics believed spilling salt can be a sign of negative energies or entities working against us. Throwing a pinch over our shoulder is like sweeping this shadow energy away. Next time ask your Angels and Guides to clear any negativity from your space.

2) Wearing (or carrying) amulets such as a cross or the evil eye. Holy symbols have been around for centuries. These symbols are believed to keep us safe. The evil eye is said to ward off evil and protect our fortunes. Before you wear, carry or hang an amulet: sit with it, pray over it and charge your energy into it. Personalize your charm to work for you.

3) New home sweep. My Gaelic Granny taught us to sweep the floors of a new home with a husk broom. This ancient tradition is also known as a corn broom sweep. It’s said to sweep out any energies left behind from previous owners. To personalize your broom, set good intentions before sweeping.

4) Floor washing. Everyone loves a good spring cleaning. Water is said to absorb stale energy in the home. Adding a little ammonia, vinegar, or salt to the water is a time-honored Hoodoo tradition to wash away negativity from our living space. Adding rosewater or fresh rainwater is yet another ritual to bring loving energy into the home. As you add the water to your bucket, set your intentions. Then start cleaning.

5) Knocking on Wood. This ritual is related to ancient Ireland. It’s believed wood spirits inhabited trees and forests. Those travelling through a woodsy area tapped the trees to let the spirits know they were passing through. The spirits honored the tapping by passing on good luck. Try tapping trees on your next nature walk. Thank the earth for providing such natural beauty to your world.

6) Holiday mistletoe. Mistletoe is a plant that can bloom even during the cold blasts of winter. Early Druids viewed the plant as sacred for restoring vitality. Kissing under or near the plant ensures good luck and protection; especially with love and fertility. When you see mistletoe, kiss the plant (or the person beside you). Give the gifts of love and abundance in your life.

Many ancient practices gave old world societies uplifting energy during dark periods. Why not put a modern twist on these ancient rites? Use elements such as water, candles, greenery or essential oils in your own natural surroundings. Mix with positive intentions for love, luck and success. Then sit back and let miracles unfold!

**All Folklore research courtesy of Wikipedia.


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