We Are All the Stars by Psychic Anthony

Date 2/4/2020

Yes, I was a child of the 70's!

Yes, I was a child of the 70's!

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Having recently turned 62, I am getting to be an old man.  But back in the day when I was a young mystic just starting out, being a Tarot reader (or a Psychic Advisor for that matter) was an affront to God and considered Devil worship. I grew up in the long gone 70’s when the Age of Aquarius was the code for the New Age of spirituality that considered the Earth and all her pleasures and challenges to be as sacred as the Spirit World. 

Psychic powers and insight into the depths of the unconscious became the true inner frontier.  We were self-appointed psychic mountain men and women.  The brave pioneers of the unknown and infinite.  The vast inner landscape of the mind and imagination. While the scientists threw rockets into outer space, spending billions to explore the vast and infinite marvel of the cosmos revealed by telescopes, we Flower Children meditated to Sgt. Pepper and American Beauty; and sought the inner frontier we synthesized with chemically inspired visions of what we called “expanding consciousness.” 

Peace and Love
Now this also included study and work, both personal and academic, in all the arts, literature, music, psychology, mythology, symbology, mysticism and world spirituality. There were many at first who followed their “peace and love” ideals and “got back to nature” and lived alternative lifestyles in the woods and fields around campfires and communes, and those that went globetrotting to India and China. But most of us buckled down and got our degrees and our gainful employment and settled into our little lives. 

But we carried with us a starseed of the hope of a better world and a deeper and wiser humanity. We opened our minds and our hearts to the stars and the spirits, and they opened their symbolic coincidental presence and created mystical miracles of chance and poetic power and purpose! We saw the magic and the magic saw us! And, as the years have passed, I’ve seen the fruit of the mystical life grow ever more rewarding and profound! I believe I have found the sweet wisdom that sees that we are all star seeds and soulmates and twin flames and indigo children!

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius…
The New Age is indeed upon us and ready to save us all with future blessings just waiting for us to open our hearts and minds to greater possibilities! The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is obvious as the sun is rising on a better world as we continue to create new technologies, mythologies and ideologies to save Mother Earth and the soul of all humanity and life from sorrow and despair! We can gladly accept a Youniverse that is eternal because we come here to experience human life and challenge, that we must grow old and die and pass away into the spiritual dimensions so that the new age and the new generations can progress to make life better, deeper, and full of unending wonder! 

Each generation now will continue to exhibit signs of this evolution to a higher state of divine consciousness, here or in the spirit world, we will all have an essential part in giving birth to it! Regardless of what you call it: we are all a diamond spark of eternal being; an everlasting orb of living plasma! We are an immortal star having a great and awe-inspiringly challenging human experience.

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