We Are All Connected After All by Psychic Zoey

Date 3/2/2019

Pass along the positive energy!

Pass along the positive energy!

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Every conversation we have, or decision we make, impacts others around us in either a negative or positive way. Think of when you get up in the morning and are in a positive mood, how your cheeriness helps to dispel the black moods of negativity that might be around you.

Scientists discovered that everything in the universe is made of matter (atoms). And Quantum physicists learned that each atom contains vortices of energy. These vortices are constantly spinning and vibrating and radiating their own unique energy. So, it follows that whether large or miniscule, everything in the universe is connected and affected by everything else.

Passing Along Positive Energy
My good friend Linda has little cards of encouragement she passes out when she feels someone does a wonderful job or are just in need of joy. Recently she left one on the table at a restaurant where the waitress went beyond the call to provide good service. It read: “Thanks for brightening my day. You’re a gift. Just thought others should know.” 

Think of how that impacted the waitress, and how she proceeded to carry on with the rest of her day. The good energy of my friend’s gesture extended to the waitress who passed it forward to other customers, who passed it on to their friends, family, etc.  Energy affects everything around it, and in this case, in a positive way.

Follow the Moon
By the same token, planetary and intergalactic events, also affect everyone on planet earth and beyond. When the moon is new, it appears as a crescent in the sky. This is the period when people generally have the urge to start something new, to go forward instead of backward. This has become known as the phase of new beginnings. On the other hand, when the moon is full, it generally signifies endings. People tend to respond by going inward, thinking about what they’ve achieved rather than initiating anything new.

Retrogrades are another very good example of how energies affect and implicate all life on planet Earth. This period generally creates miscommunication in every aspect of our lives. During this time, it is wise to delay signing contracts, or beginning new endeavors of any kind. Let relationships take a natural course, and do not try to push ahead during the retrograde. The best thing to do is to be compassionate with everyone around you, and to stay grounded and mindful.

The bottom line with all these changes and effects is simply that energy affects other energy and matter, and we are made of energy and matter. Any energy, whether negative or positive, will have an opportunity to affect every one of us. Knowing what we now know, wouldn’t it be better to begin to send out positive energy in our own unique way toward all other beings? 

Peace to all…

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