Vogel family learns to live in the present while dreaming of the future

Published Date 7/3/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Vogel family learns to live in the present while dreaming of the future

Many people take the time they have here on earth for granted, hesitating when it comes to seizing opportunities to pursue their dreams. Mike and Amy Vogel are two people who wanted to make one of their big goals become a reality. However, their story proved that not everything always goes according to plan.

As big travelers, FamilyOnBikes.org reported that Mike and Amy had dreams of raising their children and showing them the world. Once they sold their home British Columbia, they would be able to move to Asia and explore the globe as a family. But after 10 months on the market, their house would not sell.

Amy Vogel became depressed as she dreamed of the future, but soon realized that she wasn't living in the moment. Vogel was taking her current life in British Columbia for granted, and decided to change her attitude. Instead of planning constantly for the future, she began to relish in each day with her family at home.

For some, it may take meetings with a psychic to stop living in the past or future, and start living in the present. Psychic readings have always been helpful when it comes to providing individuals with insight into their life paths.

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