Use Angels and Oracles to Find the Blessing in any Situation

Date 11/28/2022
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Angels and Oracles are not the same thing.

Angels and Oracles are not the same thing.

"How powerful is the universe and how powerful it is to use the angels and oracles combined in order to be able to first see the situation for ourselves, and second, have the insight, plan, and motivation to change a situation, yes any situation."

What is an Oracle?

To explain the oracles as simply as possible, they are beings just like the angels, here to help and often interpret situations differently. Sometimes misunderstood as to their purpose, they are mainly thought of as humans and not spiritual or invisible like angels. The angels and oracles are powerful gifts in helping us see and change our futures, so a clear understanding and use of oracles is key to making the necessary changes to obtain the expected or “hoped-for” result.

And yet who isn't familiar with the angels to guide and protect? These fabulous winged creatures, our beloved angels were discussed since the dawn of time in almost every culture and way of thinking. However, are you familiar with the oracles, and what their blessing is and how they work together with the angels? 

Can the Oracles Help Us Obtain a Happier, More Fulfilling Life?

Whether the Bible, mythology, folklore or other ways of thinking, there is a clear understanding describing oracles as seers, feelers and hence the predictors but being a human being, unlike the angels. Oracles are human interpreters of God’s instruction while the angels are known to guide, protect and oversee us. The blessing offered by the Oracles is to help us see what various paths would mean for us. 

In getting to an outcome and assisting us to a better life, the oracles are known as peaceful beings with a gift, humble or of high status, all with a willingness and ability to assist in a reading or predictions from the highest God or Gods. These “human beings” are interpreters given to us to use in life and if we were to use them, on a daily basis, we can and do manifest an awesome outcome in nearly any situation.

More Understanding of Oracles

In ancient Greece, an Oracle was a high priest or priestess, giving the answer to inquiries of the Gods.

According to the oracles were the ones used to communicate, the mediums, the wise ones offering counsel and/or insight, often considered prophets, but in all cases gifted humans. An oracle can also be a shrine and there are oracles cards and tools to consult the oracles help in any matter.

Is a Psychic Considered an Oracle?

Yes in some cases, and particularly a clairvoyant and medium are considered oracles. 

Reference to the Oracles in the Bible

In the Old Testament used mainly to denote the holiest place in the temple (See 1 Kings 6:5 1 Kings 6:19-23; 8:6). In 2 Samuel 16:23 the meaning is 'The Word of God", so to receive an insight from the oracle(s) in the temple, meant you were literally hearing a message directly from God. A man inquiring "at the oracle of God" would receive answers and know what to do.

The Promise of Being Led in the Right Way

The thought of “being given the insight as to how to live” spans all cultures.  The universal truth taught worldwide as fact offering assurance that we have “helpers to assist us and for us not to be afraid."

A Psalm of David. "Unto thee will I cry, O LORD my rock; be not silent to me: ...Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto thee, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle" Psalm 28:1-2 

If you are working hard to change the outcome of any situation, it would be an honor for any of our trusted advisors to read for you. With the help of the angels and utmost compassion and kindness, Psychic Source advisors are known for redefining the term psychic and helping you gain a better understanding of the tools offered to change outcomes, leading to a happy, better-than-magical life. 

We say it all the time, "Who doesn't want to be happy?"


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