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Unleash Your Creative, Imaginative Mind Podcast by Psychic Hope

Date 1/23/2023
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In this guided meditation, Psychic Hope will help you unlock your creative potential to bring abundance and success.

This last year has been a super roller coaster for all of us. Today, I feel like my world is a version of Alice in Wonderland.

For the past year, I challenged myself to be more motivated and creative with my spiritual work, especially when I help others. There were moments of going one step forward, then ten steps backward. Sometimes, that’s life! It’s what you make of it.

On a side note, you can call me the musical psychic. When I write, I uplift my spirit and open my creative, imaginative mind with all kinds of music. As I write this article, I am in a jazzy mood to listen to Louis Armstrong's version of “When You Wish A Upon a Star.”  It is all about living in the moment. I also lived several past lives and learned the valuable lesson of living life to the fullest. Call me an old soul!

Previously, I wrote “The Gift of Free Will”, which outlined how our free will plays a huge role in how we manifest our destinies. For this publication, I am presenting insightful tips along with a guided meditation that will tap into our higher vibrations to unleash more of our creative flow.

For this guided meditation, I will be connecting with the angels and using certain crystals to raise our vibrations. Now, let’s unleash our creative, imaginative minds!

Crystals Activated

Crystals (or stones) are awesome and beneficial to raise our vibrations and release energy blocks from our chakras. Chakras are the currents of energies within our spirits, and they are connected on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, and much more. Here are the following crystals to use in our guided meditation.

  • Black Onyx is a balancing and grounding stone that helps stimulate the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is your grounding energy center, which is located at the base of the spine. With black onyx, Archangel Michael (a strong masculine energy) connects to this stone, so he helps bring in more grounding energy and direction for the Root Chakra. Also, he activates the creative expression center in the Throat Chakra. It’s located on the throat that gives voice to the Heart Chakra and controls our ability to communicate.

  • White Selenite is a crystal that promotes spiritual purity, light, and connection to the angelic realms. It is a great crystal to expand intuition and combine it with black onyx to make a powerful energy grid to balance out the masculine and feminine energies within a person. White selenite connects to the Soul Star, an energy center that sits above the Crown Chakra, which is located on the top of the head. Your gifts, talents, past lives memories, and potential future realities are all held within this energy center. Archangel Jophiel activates the receptive area for creative ideas to enter the Crown Chakra.

  • Orange Calcite is an energizing stone that boosts your creativity and optimism to get moving in a positive direction.

  • Citrine connects with manifesting your dreams and activating your imagination and will, along with clearing and envisioning persistence to see.

  • Sunstone embodies the generosity and expansiveness of the sun supplying and motivating leadership and loving vibrations.

The last three stones connect to Archangel Gabriel (who is also connected to the Throat Chakra for communication) to activate the creativity center in the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is located below the navel and is responsible for sexual and creative energy.

To learn more about crystals, please check out the Psychic Source Crystal Guide. Crystals are wonderful to use in energy work to clear blocks, promote healing, and open intuition to expand creativity and manifest dreams.

Forms of Creativity

Most importantly, creativity with imagination comes in many forms: art, writing stories, making crafts, and so on. However, our creativity happens around us every day. It is about how we live our lives. Just think about it! Creativity also is involved at work, at home, in our languages, in our emails, in our parenting, in cooking a meal, gardening, or telling a joke. The list goes on and on!

Inviting Your Angels

During our guided meditation, we will bring in the angels (Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Jophiel) into our sacred space. They become the guiding light to help us access the intuitive energy to create and be our biggest motivators to encourage us:

  • To follow our hearts.
  • Keep believing in ourselves.
  • We are never alone, and we are loved.
  • What is meant to be, will be with divine timing.
  • For us to be patient in the process of life.

 Archangel Jophiel - Angel of Creative Power 

One of the angels that I will be channeling more into our sacred space is Archangel Jophiel. This angel inspires us towards awareness, open-mindedness, enlightenment, and freedom of thought, along with connecting our consciousness to discover the light within. This angel rocks as the Angel of Creative Power. Please light a yellow candle and say this affirmation prayer with me. I created this prayer with the inspiring energy from Archangel Jophiel:

Dear Archangel Jophiel,

I invoke the golden, yellow light into my spirit to connect with my higher self and bring forth the inspiration to open my creativity and imagination to create beautiful things in my life that will bring abundance and success. I ask for your loving guidance to shine the power to beautify my thoughts, my moods, and my surroundings. Please bestow upon me the visions to see the beauty of the present and allow peace and love into my divine, creative spark. Amen.

Creating a Vision Board

Lastly, I wanted to make another suggestion that can help expand creativity, which is doing a vision board. This is where images and words are displayed that represent who you are, and what you want to be, and create reminders of what your goals are in your life.

A vision board can be created for all kinds of uses. Think of it as a road map to outlining your life’s dreams. To simply create a vision board, just get white or any color poster board, markers, pens, glue, and tape. You can even add sparkles to your board!

Look for images and words to create goals that are positive reminders/ motivators that can come from any source, like in magazines, books, pictures, or online (print the ideas on paper). Just keep it simple and follow your intuition. You would be surprised by what you produce. Making a vision board is a fun project to do once a year, which gets your goals and dreams outlined and helps your subconscious to manifest them into realities.

Staying Optimistic

I pray that the next year will be a more abundant one for everyone. We need to stay optimistic within our spirits and to not give up on what is important for our happiness. The new year gives us the opportunity to UNLEASH OUR CREATIVE, IMAGINATIVE MINDS. We have nothing to lose because last year made us stronger, just like the song from Survivor, “The Eye of Tiger.”

Peace and Light -

Hope x3496


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Hope has been guiding people with her healing modalities as an intuitive empath, psychic medium, reiki practitioner, empowerment life coach and much more. She inspires people in areas of improving love, career, business, spirituality, self-confidence, and over-coming fears. Hope is your compassionate listener and cheerleader. She has 25 years of legal and government experience. She has a diverse background working as a paralegal in different areas of law and earned a degree in Government and Public Policy. She has worked for law firms and state and federal governments. She also once enjoyed working as an event coordinator.


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