Understanding the meaning behind a dream in which you are flying

Published Date 5/24/2012
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Understanding the meaning behind a dream in which you are flying

If you have a recurring dream of flying, you are not alone. This dream is something that many people have on a regular basis, and it can have several different meanings.

During dreams of flight, you may feel liberated and free to accomplish all of your goals. Many people dream of flying because they are attempting to flee from a conflict or personal problem.

Flying dreams are centered around regaining a sense of power. However, finding it difficult to fly in a dream can be an indication that you are having trouble controlling something in your life when you are awake.

The Huffington Post reports that men are surprisingly more likely to have dreams of flying in comparison to women.

"Often times, men in today's world negotiate issues regarding freedom," psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber told the news source. "There is great pressure to perform at work, at home, in the bedroom, financially, athletically, socially, and more and more, emotionally."

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