Understanding the concept of reincarnation

Published Date 6/22/2012
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Understanding the concept of reincarnation

Have you ever felt like you knew someone in a past life? Or perhaps you have the urge to follow a particular career path but are unsure why. These can be defined as some of the classic symptoms of reincarnation.

This belief, which is deeply rooted in Buddhism, stems from the idea that the soul survives after death. Once it leaves the body, it is believed that the soul enters another person or being and continues to carry with it memories of past lives.

If you have certain urges and interests that you feel you've had since birth, perhaps it's true - you might have been born with the hobbies and thoughts of a soul that has been reincarnated. It is also thought that the soul is influenced by past actions and the law of karma.

Some people choose to go on with life, playing out these interests and urges without questioning them. However, it's not uncommon for individuals to want to know more about who they may have been in another lifetime.

To get in touch with your soul on another level, speak to a gifted psychic. Psychic phone readings can help you get a better idea of why you have certain passions today.

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