Understanding the concept of angels and who may be looking after you

Published Date 7/22/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Understanding the concept of angels and who may be looking after you

Whenever something goes wrong and people narrowly avert disaster, it's not uncommon for the word "angel" to come up. Specifically, many individuals believe that guardian angels are responsible for helping them in a time of need.

Angels are defined as non-human entities that are of a higher power. Depending on your religion, you may believe that angels are helpers in the heavenly world who occasionally come down to provide people with guidance here on Earth.

Whether you believe in angels or not, the concept of guardian angels is an age-old tradition that many people turn to for peace of mind. Some individuals have faith in a higher being who looks after them on a regular basis.

If you want to learn more about angels, spirit guides or anyone else who may be looking after you in your daily life, you might want to speak to a psychic.

Psychic phone readings can tip you off to anyone who is providing you with guidance from the other side. Knowing who is trying to lend you a helping hand can give you a name to call when you're seeking assistance.

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Italianlady: On July 4 2012.I was driving to a friends house for a 4th of July party celebration. I was on the freeway about a half mile before my exit, when the car in the lane next to me decided he wanted to be in my lane also as it turned out he broadsided me sent me into a "spin' glass flying all around me . The worst feeling knowing i could not control the car. Going around and around from there I crashed into a pole."Scared to Death'. (Never been in an accident during my 50 yrs. of driving). My only injury was glass in my hands couple bruises and soreness in my left side.that came later. The whole left side of my car was completely totaled, I had glass chunks on my lap everywhere in my hair etc. As the CHP arrived an accessed te damage They were standing next me (I was able to get out of car walk around and more worried about my car then myself .Everyone that stopped to help "Are You Okay are you okay .Yes I'm fine "But look at my car." It was as though I wasn't in a accident. It was as though my car was in a accident but I wasn't. I felt fine. No Blood No ambulance nothing.While I'm standing there in the Chp Officer looked at me and Said "You Are Very. Very Lucky" the way hit the pole I should have died. It was a side accident so Air Bags did not deploy.People kept asking me if I was Okay and I couldn't figure out why they kept asking me, I didn't feel no pain. To this day I have only suble pain on my left side. Same side I got hit my other car and the same side that hit the pole. "Double Whammy'Iwalked away from it...Now when I think about it "How did I walk away from it so easily.? I sincerely believe without a doubt It was my "Guardian Angel" who saved me. Thank You For reading this....

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