Turning Poison Into Medicine by Psychic Serena

Published Date 12/30/2012
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Feel the energy changing

How to turn Negative Thoughts into Positive and Happiness.

How often do we get so totally obsessed with a situation, or a person that we can think of nothing else. We can go through the motions of our lives, but the mind is like a magnet, and once it gets onto something unhappy, or negative, forget it…we are hooked.

Through my Buddhist practice, and working as a Yoga Therapist, the first thing I do is sit down, and drop my shoulders, and breathe. Not just a breathing in and out, but pretending I have a feather under my nose, and breathing in/out making sure that the feather does not move. That is a  pretend feather. Slowly, as I start to  control my breathing, my thoughts fall in line. Breathing in, counting one two, then breathing out, one two,then STOP.  You will notice a calming of the mind. Before you start to breathe in again, count in your mind, (one thousand two thousand) and then start over. After three rounds of this, you will see how your thoughts are not so powerful.

You can do this at a traffic light, (it goes fast), and even standing in line at the grocery store. The more you do it, the better it goes, and you can teach it to your friends…I promise it works every time.  I have suffered anxiety all my life, and the way I learned to calm it, was with breath work, and also this practice.

Look at your left palm, really stare at it, and put all the negativity you are feeling about a situation into it, with words, count out loud: i.e. angry, deceived, liar, mad, furious, etc, etc. then turn your face to your right palm, and with the same intention, put in words that emit love, joy, happiness, trust, peace, powerful, energetic, joy, laughter, prosperity, etc. then CLAP THE TWO HANDS TOGETHER, SO THEY ARE IN PRAYER POSITION UNDER YOUR CHIN.

With the two thumbs on your chest, pivot, or turn the closed hands towards the floor, as if all the energy in the hands, still clasped together, are stuck together and the positive is leading into the negative. As you turn the hands down towards the floor, imagine the negative energy dropping out of your hands, onto the floor…that will take about 40-60 seconds. During this exercise you will continue to breathe to be able to transmit the negative, poison into medicine, into positive, as you pivot your hands back under your chin, I promise you will feel a lightness that you never felt before you started this exercise.

Now, this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART…wait a minute for  your entire soul to provide your system to change energy. As your start to feel the energy changing, open up your hands, and shake them out fast fast fast, and then go and wash your hands.

I have taught this exercise to many clients. Please call me for a reading, I can not only help you with my gifts, but with self acceptance.

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