Tune Into Your Intuition and Psychic Powers by Psychic Janax

Date 11/11/2016

How can you tune into your deepest level of intuition?

How can you tune into your deepest level of intuition?

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"Let only good come to and through me, let only good come from me." This is something I say before I begin my readings. As the late Wayne Dyer said, "How may I serve?" I want to be a clear channel to filter information and insight to people, and to help aid them with life decisions, like a spiritual GPS.
Being intuitive/clairvoyant/psychic is a bit like being a costume designer; you’re looking at colors and feelings, envisioning them as finished creations. Psychics can see circumstances, possibilities and probabilities of a future. That being said, I believe future outcomes are not carved in stone—there is free will and karma.

Never underestimate the power of prayer, positive affirmations and positive thoughts. To develop your psychic abilities you should allow yourself to be open to thoughts, visions, feelings and how they form a picture. Sensing, perceiving, intuition, feeling, clairvoyance and knowing are all forms of soul guidance. They are what can attune you to find your spiritual center and balance. These thoughts, feelings, emotions and visions illuminate your soul to guide and empower you to find your higher power.
How do you attune yourself to this frequency?
1. Tune out distractions—blockages, negativity—so you can connect with your spiritual source. 
2. Pay attention to synchronicities and “coincidences.” (It’s been said that there are no “coincidences;” the word itself means “to coincide.”)
3. Notice how your physical body feels at the thought or mention of a certain situation, place, or person. Do you find yourself tensing, anxious, stressed, or are you filled with joy, peace and happiness?
"What lies behind you, and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Everyone has some natural psychic ability. To hone in, develop, refine and improve it takes time, patience, perseverance and faith in yourself. Anyone can touch a few piano keys and get sound out of the instrument. With lessons and practice you will be able to play a simple tune.  With much more practice, and learning to read music (like psychics read people) you will be able to bring forth real music. 

How can you tune into your deepest level of intuition?
1. Calm and center your mind, clear it of negativity and be receptive to spirit. 
2. Filter out judgments made solely on the visual and conditioned responses. 
3. Follow your gut. The head can lead us in the logical direction, the heart in the illogical direction, but the gut will nearly always lead us in the right direction.
Practice makes perfect.
Start out small. Guess which elevator door will open first or which grocery line will move the fastest. With your back turned to the television, “feel” what color clothes the newscaster is wearing. Put your palm over a magazine page and “feel” what will be the predominate color on the next page.

One can also meditate to clear the chakras to be in alignment with The Source. The chakras are spinning energy vortex centers of color located in the subtle (not physical) body. Clearing them with a chakra cleansing exercise will enable you to be more open to spirit and The Divine Source, where you can access information. 

Not sure how to start or clear each chakra?
 Next Friday, I’ll walk you through it in part two of this article: Using Meditation to Awaken Your Inborn Psychic Abilities.

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