Trust Your Intuition by Psychic Anaelle

Published Date 9/14/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Do you trust your intuition? You should!

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My past experience as a domestic violence counselor has taught me a lot about intuition. I learned everyone has intuition. Unfortunately, not everyone listens to and obeys it. Counseling session after session, I would hear my clients tell me, "I knew I should not have gotten in the car, but", " I knew I should have called the police, but", and "I knew I should not have gotten married, but". The moment when my client says, "but", I know that is the second, they have stopped listening to their intuition and the challenge begins. Everything after the word “but” is difficult, painful or tragic in a domestic violence situation. Intuition is your best way out. You know best. Trust and follow through with your guidance. Everyone deserves to love and enjoy their lives.

Intuition Leads to Love
Our intuition leads us to the love and joy we are seeking. When we choose not to listen, our lives become more difficult.   Remember the time when you had a feeling and you chose not to be obedient to that feeling. I remember, many times hearing my intuition and then ignoring it, things went from bad to worse. Now, remember the time you listened and things went well. You know how to listen and obey.

Intuition Keeps Us Safe
Our intuition is meant to keep us safe and protected. It is the still small voice, you hear in the deepest part of you. Intuition may be a knowing or feeling that expresses in your body. The hairs on your body may stand up, chills or a gut feeling may happen, be sure to pay attention to those signs.

Intuition, gut instinct, feelings, vibes, psychic abilities or even Spidey Sense… call it whatever you want, you have it, we all have the ability. 

Like all abilities, they may be developed. You will need to practice using your intuition. 

Practice, Practice, Practice
For the next week, practice listening to your intuition when having a conversation, choosing a restaurant or with your friends. If you have any blocks to your intuition, we can clear them on a call. Let me know, your intuition is one of the most important senses you have. 

Your intuition will provide you with the most amazing journey. Synchronicities will line up, you will meet people, have great ideas and see people you have
not seen in years. The quality of your life will improve, your life will have more ease and grace. 

Trust your intuition. Trust yourself
. You know. Like people often say, you will just know. 

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