Transforming our Lives by Psychic Phoenix

Date 1/24/2020

You too can rise from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix!

You too can rise from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix!

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Life is a series of experiences. These experiences mold us into how we think and often how we act. What experiences don’t do is control that which we are. In this life, we have the power to overcome and change that which does not level up to the standard of our destiny. 

Are you unhappy with your life? Do you feel as if you are called to do more? Do you feel stuck, and just know you’re in the wrong place for you? Well in reality, you have the inner power to change everything, and to renew or transform your life today. 

Create Your Own Destiny
The energy or vibrations of our thought patterns, and the way we present ourselves on a daily basis have a huge impact on our present reality. In a sense, we have helped create our own misery, by not understanding our true potential and how negative energy and thoughts can work to strip us of our own true paths and destinies. 

Change and transformation is all about our understanding of just how powerful we are in our own lives. No one can take from us, that which was given to us at birth. No matter our current situations or issues, the thing to remember is that those situations and issues don’t speak or control that which we are. The situations or issues have simply blinded us and through fear or doubt, have stripped us of our true empowerment. Today, you can take that power back. 

Rise Up like the Phoenix
Learn to manifest the energy around you by speaking positive about situations. Speak blessings and empowerment into your life, and believe and understand that the forces at work will begin to change for you. Rise up, and shake off the dirt from your battle, and be the warrior that you are. Just as the Phoenix is a symbol of renewing, transformation and creative energy, you too can rise up from the ashes and be the person you were called to be.

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