Top 10 Ways to Survive a Mid-Life Crisis by Psychic Source

Published Date 7/17/2013
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You'll get through it! We promise!

Ironically, medical advancements that allow us to live longer are doing nothing for mid-life crises, which seem to be happening earlier. We're having these mid-life crises in our 30's and 40's, instead of the traditional 50's. Apparently, as our careers peak earlier and we stall having a family, we're worn out and feel useless before our time. Here's how to handle it.

1. Be Grateful
Many of our feelings stem from what we haven't accomplished. You can combat these feelings by taking stock of what you have done. You might not be CEO of Google, but you likely achieved lots of things. If you've got a steady job, a home, and a family, you're already ahead of many people. Make a list, and keep it close to remind yourself of the positive things.

2. Don't Become a Hypochondriac
Forty is not eighty. You've likely got lots to do before you start worrying about "the end." Get your exercise and eat healthy, but don't order the casket and headstone just yet.

3. Stick With Your Mate
Sadly, couples who've stuck together through grad school, student loan payments, pregnancy, childbirth, and the terrible teens give all this up just before those precious years they'll have with a solid income, no tuition payments, and no rugrats. Stay away from the office cutie. The best psychic would tell you that the cutie won't look any better after 20 years and three kids than you and your spouse.

4. Develop Interests Outside Work
We often weigh our worth by the title on our desk or door. This is a poor measure of a person who works hard, takes care of their family, and lives well. Get out and pursue other interests that make you happy and enrich your life.

5. Don't Run to a Therapist
What you're going through is not mental illness, and it isn't anything abnormal. Rich people, poor people, and everyone in between shares these feelings at some point. Get a phone psychic reading or talk to a friend, but don't convince yourself you're crazy.

6. Take it Easy on the Kids
Some people look to their kids to accomplish lofty goals the parents didn't achieve. This is unfair, and puts an unnecessary strain on such important relationships. Instead of expecting all your dreams to be realized through your offspring, allow them to grow into their own talents and achieve their own goals as you cheer them on.

7. Watch Your Toy Buying
Nothing says, "mid-life crisis," like a red sports car. Resist the urge to splurge and look like a fool. Instead, put the money toward a much deserved vacation with your spouse, or squirrel it away for that cabin on the lake after retirement.

8. Learn to Disconnect
Our constantly connected society doesn't aid in our emotional health. If you can't shut off your phone and computer every night, at least switch off for the weekend. Focus on your hobbies and your family and return to work refreshed instead of more exhausted.

9. Take a Vacation
Whether you go with your spouse, yourself, or your best group of friends, taking a vacation and letting loose will remind you that you can still have fun. When we get stuck in the every day rut of work and family, we forget how to enjoy ourselves. You deserve some time to relax and soak up the sun.

10. Realize it Will End
Just like puberty, college exams, and your son's terrible two's, the midlife crisis will pass. Don't let the worries of the moment derail the successful, fulfilling life you're building now.

With your head on straight, face mid-life with all the gusto you had entering the exciting first phases of your life. The best is yet to come!

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