Too Much On Your Plate? It May Be Time To Reboot

Published Date 12/23/2013
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Too Much On Your Plate? It May Be Time To Reboot

When you're feeling like all of life is just "too much," that's when you need to reboot. The daily routines of home life, work and school schedules and taking care of loved ones can overwhelm the most organized ones among us.

There are ways, however, that will help you unwind to prevent burn-out. One of the easiest choices is to take a personal day from work, if your company allows them. But that means it must be a personal day, not a day off to catch up on errands. Stepping back to take time for yourself can help you return to the office re-energized.

If a personal day isn't an option, set aside time at the end of every workday - even a 15-minute rest break - before plunging into home duties like making dinner and helping the kids with their homework. If you really can't break the multitasking mode, choose busy work - clipping coupons, changing the color on your nails - that allows you to set your mind free during your break.

To get you started on a more positive outlook, consider having phone psychic readings with clairvoyants who can get at the heart of your distress. They can offer insight into how to cope with your responsibilities by highlighting your strengths and best opportunities for cutting down activities that have worn you down.

Move Toward What's Good

On her website, Communicatrix, author Colleen Wainwright gives two simple steps for rebooting our lives - move toward what leaves you feeling good and away from what leaves you feeling bad. Start by making a list of large and small things that create happiness for you. It may be as simple as helping an elderly neighbor with her groceries or a time-consuming project that you can break down into manageable steps.

Next, stop doing things that leave you with an unexplained sadness, such as indulging in gossip about a co-worker. Wainwright advised that you pull back from toxic people and activities, perhaps in small doses at the outset.

"The important distinction here is that we're trying to identify things that leave a lasting effect of 'happy' in their wake," she wrote on her site.

Have A Clear Plan

Another approach is to have a clear-cut routine of winnowing out the excess. Marcus Buckingham, author of "Find Your Strongest Life," recommended writing a list of all the tasks that are weighing on you. Then, group them into categories of "to do" items. Look at the categories and prioritize them based on what makes you feel strong.

"Make a plan to do these first, and to find a small way to celebrate them when you've done them," he wrote for Best Health magazine. "Cradling these activities will give you strength and resilience to get through everything else."

Finally, as you get through your various to-do lists and build a series of successes, focus on what's been accomplished rather than what's not getting done. Worrying will melt away as the items on the lists get crossed out.


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