Tips to Connect with Angels by Psychic Rebecca

Date 10/18/2022
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How do you connect with angels?

How do you connect with angels?

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Angels are beings of pure loving consciousness and light. Their sole job is to be helpers. I shouldn’t even call it a “job,” because the angels tell me that “helping is a glory” to them. Angels are here to serve the light and uplift humanity by helping us believe in ourselves and open our hearts to giving and receiving more love. And they want you to feel and know that you are loved. 
Angels are non-denominational (they belong to all faiths, all beliefs). They tell me they belong to the One, just like humans do. Whether you think of that One as Love, the Creator, Source, God, the Divine, Light, or another term – it is the All, the pure one Source of all things.  
Angels do not want to be worshipped or prayed to; this is for the One, they say. Rather, they do want to be called upon and partnered with. They’re available to us to be useful, helpful, comforting, and uplifting. They say that we humans have important, unique things to contribute to uplift life everywhere, and angels are here to help each of us on our path. Angels also do love to receive appreciation and love for their assistance. 
Angels’ love and light is so pure, and they are such a high energy vibration, that even though they are present and beside us we often don’t always see, feel, sense, or hear them. Yet there are ways to interact more easily with them. 
Making choices that open your heart and clear your energy help you to connect with your angels. 
Tips to Connect with Angels: 
• Keep your environment clear and uncluttered – this helps clear and uplift your energy making it easier to connect with loving angels. 
• Enjoy nature. Being with flowers, trees, bodies of water, mountains, etc, also clears your energy to be more open to angels. 
• Appreciate animals. Animals have pure, clear energy. 
• Choose uplifting activities as much as possible – uplifting music, exercise/movement/dance, art and crafts, time with loved ones… whatever makes your heart joyful. 
• Select sweets from natural sources such as fresh fruit or honey (and choose fresh food as much as possible, skipping processed food). 
• Allow for plenty of rest. 
• Give yourself time to play and be childlike. 
• Lessen what may be lowering your energy (such as social media, disturbing TV or movies, negative self-talk). 
• Remember to call on them! – mentally or out loud – and thank the angels for being with you. 
This list is not meant to overwhelm. Make it fun. Ask the angels to guide you to make small, manageable steps that help uplift your energy and connect with them more easily. And consider speaking with a Psychic Source Advisor about angel messages for you.

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