Tips for How To Best View and Enjoy a Meteor Shower

Date 8/15/2023

Head to a dark spot for the best chance at seeing a meteor shower clearly.

Head to a dark spot for the best chance at seeing a meteor shower clearly.

A meteor shower is an event where you can see streams of cosmic debris falling into the earth's atmosphere. Meteor showers occur when Earth passes close to the material in a comet's orbit. There are roughly 30 meteor showers a year. Follow these tips for the best experience viewing this or any meteor shower.

Check Your Calendar for Meteor Showers

For the best viewing, it's crucial that you know when the meteor shower will peak in your area. Keep in mind that the ideal viewing time will vary by time zone and even by exact location, so it's best to use a local resource when you're researching viewing times. If you consult national resources, you'll likely find that peak times are presented in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You need to convert this to your particular time zone to find out when you'll have the best view of the shower.

Watch the Weather

You need a clear night to get a good look at a meteor shower. If the forecast is cloudy during the peak of the meteor shower, check the weather for the surrounding dates. While you may see fewer meteors per hour, you'll have a better experience overall by choosing a cloudless night.

Identify the Radiant Point

The radiant point of a meteor shower is the location from which the meteors will appear to originate. Look up the radiant point for the shower that you're planning to view. For example, the radiant point for the Lyrid meteor shower is just right of Vega. This blue-white star is the brightest point in the Lyra the Harp constellation. Download a stargazing app for your phone to help you accurately identify the radiant point. The best viewing will happen when that point has risen high into the sky.

Find a Dark Place

It's best to stay far from ambient light when you're looking for a meteor shower. Chat with a psychic to see if this is a good time to travel, and consider taking a trip away from the city for the event. The darker the sky, the better you'll be able to see the action. You also need minimal moonlight to see the shower. If the moon is present during the shower and is more than a quarter full, you won't be able to see the meteors.

Stay Cozy and Comfortable

Plan appropriately for the outdoor conditions. Take a blanket and pillows or set up reclining lounge chairs so you can look at the sky. Have a cozy jacket on hand, as the temperatures will drop throughout the night. Warm drinks and snacks can give the event a more festive air as well. A psychic reading can give you more insights on what to expect and how you can best prepare for this occasion.

With a little planning, you can make the next meteor shower a fun and memorable experience.


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