The Value of Appreciation

Published Date 3/3/2018
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Giving and accepting appreciation can dramatically change how you live your life.

Have you ever received an award at work for a project well completed or a heartfelt thank you from your spouse after you washed the dinner dishes? Appreciation gives the recipient a warm feeling in the pit of his or her stomach, and it's tied to feelings of self-worth, acceptance, and loyalty.

Why Does Appreciation Matter?

Imagine a workplace where the boss never praises any of his employees. Now imagine a workplace where the boss visits individual employees to thank them for their contributions to projects or their unfailing work ethic. Which job would you want to take?

Appreciation matters because it lets others know they have contributed something of value to someone else. When you express appreciation in your relationships — whether personal or professional — you create a stronger bond and increase the chances of remaining on good terms.

Learning to Show Appreciation

Some people struggle to show appreciation. They feel awkward expressing appreciation for a partner, spouse, colleague, or friend. However, it's just like any other habit. Once you get started, it will become part of your natural reaction to events that happen around you.

When you express appreciation or gratitude, avoid generalities. Instead, mention something specific that the other person did or does that leads you to feel grateful. For instance, you might tell your best friend, "I love that I can always call you when I'm in crisis. You're really present for me, and I'm so grateful for it."

Learning to Ask for Appreciation

Appreciation goes both ways. While we need to express it to others, we also need to hear it from the people in our lives. If you don't feel appreciated, sit down with the other person. Explain that you sometimes feel as though you're taken for granted, and that a few words of appreciation now and then would help you feel more fulfilled.

Additionally, don't forget to show yourself appreciation. When you do something that improves your life or makes you feel good, take a moment to thank yourself and to appreciate a job well done.

Learning to Accept Appreciation

While some people have trouble expressing appreciation, others can't take a compliment. They brush off praise as though it's untrue, which makes the other person feel awkward. If you fall into this camp, realize that when someone expresses appreciation for you, he or she has extended a beautiful gift. If you know how to accept appreciation, you can give and receive it with ease.

Still Struggling With Appreciation?

Just like any other habit or practice, learning to work with appreciation takes time. A clairaudient or tarot card reader can help you connect with your higher self and better understand any blockage that might keep you resistant to appreciation. Once you know the struggle, you can tackle the problem at the root rather than trying to force yourself into a situation that makes you uncomfortable.

You can show appreciation to others by thanking them in unexpected ways, naming their best qualities, or telling them how they've improved your life. Get in the habit of showing appreciation to at least one person every day.


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