Negative Energy and How It Impacts You

Published Date 6/28/2020
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Does Negative Energy Actually Exist?

If you spend your days and nights worried about absorbing negative energy, we are here to tell you that it is finally time you relax! Negative energy doesn’t really jump from person to person like an infectious cold, nor does it seek out victims to drag down and feed off. In fact, the term negative energy is quite misleading. Let's just say it - there is no such thing as negative energy! And it is precisely why your attempts at avoiding it may not have yielded the results you wished. 

So, What is Negative Energy?

No, you did not imagine feeling drained after that awful conversation over the phone the other day, and no, it is true that engaging with some people just leaves you feeling worse off. But they aren’t carrying a symptom or an energy you need to immunize yourself from. Energy just does not exist as a negative.

The next time you find yourself reeling from the effects of someone’s negative energy, remember that it isn't anything they have done to you; it is you who has simply lost your own center, your own natural state of being. Like a song played offbeat or in the wrong key, you are in discord - something you are bound to register and the resulting effects may range from physical discomfort and exhaustion to mental and emotional stress.

But the key to avoiding this is just as straightforward as well. Do not allow yourself to feel emotions, to think thoughts or to undertake actions that you do not want to be vibrating to. If you do not feel fear when under attack, there is no negativity you will experience; if you do not feel jealousy in the face of discrimination you will not pick up anything negative. In fact, your choice to continue resonating to your own signature, to your own beat only reaffirms who you are, makes you stronger.

Vibrational Energy

Every thought, feeling or action you have is an investment of your energy. They give form to your energy, they define it at the mental, emotional or physical levels. You could invest further energy and translate one to another: a thought or idea into action, a feeling into a belief for instance. Essentially your thoughts, intentions, ideas, feelings, beliefs, choices and actions are forms of energy and therefore have their own distinct vibration. 
Happy thoughts, for instance, vibrate differently from jealous ones, a hug vibrates differently from a punch in your opponent’s face, an act of faith vibrates differently from hard manual labor. Each action, emotion and thought carries its own energetic signature. 

As a rule of thumb, energy itself isn’t good or bad; it just is energy in its unique state of vibration. It is how you experience it, how conducive it is to you reaching your goals and objectives, how constructive or intrusive it is in your every day that determines whether this energy is good or bad for you, whether you view it as positive or negative energy.

Our Energetic State of Being

Now, as an energetic being who carries these thoughts, feelings and actions around, you are a symphony of these energetic signatures. You are a combined vibration of all that vibrates and echoes within you. Akin to a musical symphony, you are a unique energetic signature that arises out of the overlay of its parts. And therefore, you could vibrate in a positive state or a negative state depending on the thoughts, feelings and choices you are investing in. 

If we are largely invested in what you determine to be positive expressions, be they mental, physical or emotional, we vibrate with this positivity. But if these expressions are not helpful or supportive in our spiritual path, in our everyday affairs, or have a harmful effect of us we define this state as being in a negative one.

Balancing Positive and Negative Energy When Vibrations Collide

As energy in a state of vibration, we not only influence our own way of being, but also impact those around us. When we meet someone, we are tuning into the collective vibration as well the parts that it is composed of. It’s like listening to someone’s personalized symphony expressed through their words, acts, efforts… their entire being. 

We may like someone’s symphony or we may dislike it, usually based on its similarity to our own symphony or its parts. In other words, we may resonate with each other, or we may not. The impact someone can have therefore isn’t just a product of their own thoughts, feelings, actions and resulting vibration; it is as much a product of our own energetic signatures.

When we do resonate, it is like two pieces of music beautifully harmonizing together. Not only do we make more beautiful music together, our presence reaffirms each other. This is a positive, uplifting experience. Someone offering a consoling hug, listening to some grand advice from a mentor, your mum baking your favorite casserole, the innocent babbling of your newborn- these vibrations usually fit hand in glove with our own thoughts, feelings and actions. In a way when we invest our energy in these, their vibration reinforces our own, strengthens us. It is why positive experiences are deemed healthy. 

On the other hand, when these vibrations collide, it sets off a struggle between the two. Imagine two different songs competing for prominence as they blare out together, never harmonizing and only taking away from the listening experience of each. When you are struggling to keep up with the angry rants of a relative on the phone, their vibrations are clashing with yours, the difference in intention, thoughts and emotions here creates a discord. Not only are you investing your energy in an experience you do not like or enjoy, but the discord impacts the harmony of your personal energetic signature. 

In place of those positive expressions of your energy, you are probably swimming in the more resistant ones having felt pressured, angered, maybe even fearful and violated by the content of your experience. In this moment, you aren't vibrating a happy tune; more a discordant one as your energy seeks to escape the experience at hand. 

You haven’t absorbed anything. You have just lost your own positive vibration.

Know that this is not easy. It is a journey of a lifetime, many lifetimes in fact, to master the simple act of choosing your own vibration in the face of those you may collide with. But it does help to remember that the key to staying clear of any negativity lies within us.

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