The Ultimate Love - 3 Inspirational Stories about Animals by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 4/2/2019
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The adorable Emma Orange Peel saved the day!

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Animals are the most loving, loyal species on planet Earth. The following brief examples clearly illustrate this. Anyone who loves or is privileged to have a furry companion will fully understand.

Hopefully these stories will reach the others who truly need to understand how fortunate we are to have these spirited beautiful beings among us.

Skylar’s Story

Coming up from behind the barn, she began running quickly toward the girl. Skylar could see that Harper was in harm’s way. The golden-haired child was running in the meadow happily unaware that a coyote sat waiting on the other side of the fence, watchful of the child’s every movement. Skylar began running faster and faster until Harper saw her coming and turned to smile. It was then that the beautiful white pony stood up on two hoofs to give the loudest, most penetrating cry ever heard. Front paws stood waiting to attack the coyote who, fearing the worst, turned and ran. The child, unaware of danger, sat a distance away, giggling in the field of tall grass and yellow flowers. Around the back of the barn, a man could be seen. Alarmed by Skylar’s cries, he was now racing toward the scene. Scooping the child up, he turned to Skylar and gave her a resounding kiss, right on her beautiful white face. As he walked back toward the barn, holding his daughter in one arm, and leading Skylar with the other, he vowed to always treat this horse like royalty.

Emma Orange Peel Saves the Day

Emma Orange Peel sniffed the air. Something was definitely wrong. Some subtle scent began permeating the room. She lifted her head and was instantly on her paws. Racing quickly toward her parent’s room, she began meowing, softly at first then more fiercely. She simply had to wake them up! She saw her mamma stir, then turn over. Oh no! Emma Orange Peel jumped up onto the bed, went straight to her Mamma and began licking her face. Soon the woman stirred. In minutes she was up, waking her husband, grabbing her cat Emma and running from the room. Later she sat at the hospital, being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. The grateful woman made up her mind then to always give Emma Orange Peel her favorite treats every morning. This tender hero who had saved her life from a serious gas leak deserved no less!

Charlotte and Wendy’s Tale

The beautiful sensitive Charlotte the pig looked forward to the young girl coming to feed her every day. She welcomed the child’s tender kisses and soft touch. She also loved her soft tinkling voice. Charlotte felt good when Wendy visited. And she noticed Wendy always left smiling and giggling. As far as Charlotte was concerned, they were a team. One day she noticed an adult coming to visit with Wendy. The adult was talking into a small hand-held device. Charlotte heard the lady saying that there was remarkable progress in Wendy, that she seemed more sociable and friendlier these days. And that she believed it was because of her friendship with Charlotte. The beautiful pig smiled within when she heard that because now, she knew, she and Wendy would never be separated. Afterward when Wendy left for the day, Charlotte could not stop smiling.

Anybody with a tender heart will know what these stories mean. Hopefully one day, all humans will take their roles as guardians more seriously, to be more in tune with animals, to listen and hear what they have to tell us. I mean really, think about it, wouldn’t it be the ultimate cosmic joke to see that because of the way some humans treat animals, a reversal was in order. They would then be our guardians. 

Do you think they would treat us the way we treated them?

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