The Spring Equinox: Druids, Eggs and New Beginnings by Psychic Rowan

Date 3/17/2023
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The Spring Equinox and Stonehenge share a rich history

The Spring Equinox and Stonehenge share a rich history

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This year, the Spring Equinox (also known as the Vernal Equinox) falls between March 20 -23, when the Sun enters the Zodiac sign of Aries the Ram. The word equinox means "equal night" when the daylight and night time hours are in perfect balance. It is celebrated around the world as a time of fertility, renewal, and hope. 

Stonehenge and the Equinox
Today, people still gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the return of spring to the land. Gerald Hawkins in his book Stonehenge Decoded states that the giant Neolithic structure was used an agricultural and celestial calendar. For our ancestors, their very survival depended on knowing when to plant and harvest their crops. It makes sense then that they would invest the immense time and energy needed to construct structures such as Stonehenge to pass on their knowledge to future generations. The promise of the returning sun, and its life-giving warmth after a long winter was truly an event to memorialize in stone.

Gifts of Red Eggs
According to Ellen Dugan in her book Seasons of Witchery, the ancient Druids were thought to have given gifts of red eggs to each other during this time. The red symbolized the warming fire of the sun that was returning to the land. The egg symbolized rebirth, the gift of new life and the hope for a fruitful year. David Attenborough in his TV series Natural Curiosities discussed how some birds, like the English Swallow, were thought to hibernate at the bottom of ponds until the early 1900's. It's easy to see then how an egg symbolized the mysteries of death, rebirth and new life.

Unleash the Energy of the Season
The natural cycles and energies are just as powerful today as they were for our ancestors. The Wheel of The Year still turns, even if we have trouble connecting to an agricultural calendar. Now is a great time to focus on what new projects you need to start to bring abundance this coming year. Developing your psychic skills will be easier because you are working with the natural energies at play. Rekindling romance, or nurturing the loving relationships you already have flows well with the energy of the Spring Equinox.

Look to nature to energetically support and empower these endeavors:

For new projects aimed at creating abundance, look to the tulips blooming in your yard to lend some prosperous energy. Aventurine and Tiger's Eye stones bring success, prosperity and good luck. 

To attune yourself to your awakening psychic abilities, look to the budding Lilac to encourage clairvoyant skills. Moonstone and Citrine can help you develop intuitive and empathic abilities. 

For romance and love, look to frost hearty Pansies and Violets to help heal a broken heart and move on to a healthier relationship. Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli can attract loving relationships to you. 

Use your own intuition and imagination to create beautiful potted centerpieces, wreaths or fairy gardens celebrating the new beginnings and fresh starts you want to welcome into your life. It may not be Stonehenge, but what you create with loving intention, in harmony with the energies of the Wheel of The Year is powerful. 

Blessed be,
Rowan x9559

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