The Secret Way to Manifest Anything Quickly

Published Date 6/29/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

The Right and Wrong Way to Manifest

Everyone who has studied the Law of Attraction know that in order to manifest that which you desire, you must first form a clear mental picture and then put your focus and intention on it.  But, as Psychic Source Advisor Donovan explains, the next step is to frame the intention around having or being that which you desire, as opposed to wanting to have it or be it.  For example, if you desire a new job, rephrase the intention from "I want a great new job" to "I have a great new job." This subtle shift aligns you with reaching your goal instead of continually wanting it to materialize for you. The stance is active, grounded in faith, rather than passive, grounded in hope.

It's all about harmonizing
Everything - every thought, word, feeling, thing, has a vibration. The Law of Attraction states that Like attracts Like. Donovan explains how understanding this simple fact enables you to manifest anything quickly. It's not nearly as hard as you think.

Our Advisors help people apply the Law of Attraction everyday
Our gifted intuitive and spiritual Advisors are available around the clock to help you harness your own gifts - the psychic within you - to manifest your hopes and wildest dreams. Contact us today. 


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