The root chakra

Published Date 7/17/2012
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The root chakra is our basis for sex, money, power, and loyalty.

Here lately, I’ve been reading more and more about our energy system, and how most ailments begin on an energetic level. We are like magnets with a constant energy flow around us at all times. I found it very interesting how each ailment is related to a chakra point. However, the root chakra is our basis for sex, money, power, and loyalty. It is red and located at the base of our pelvis. It is what drives us to be strong, have healthy family ties, and a will for survival. It is related to our tribe and what we learn from our tribe, which includes family, and can even include the roots of our country.
The reason I bring this up? I’ve noticed that most ailments of the people around me are due to this chakra being closed off in some way. We are constantly hearing about war, and the changes our government is making, the decrease in the job market and economy, in fact, most everything in the news or in the newspaper is negative. As human beings we have strong roots and a strong connection to our country even if we don’t realize it. It is all related to this root chakra. And if the information it is receiving is negative then in turn it can affect us negatively.

If you are feeling depressed, not making enough money, having relationship issues, or even feel you have lost your power. The questions to ask your self: What have I learned from my family, or my country? Where does my loyalty lie? You may not like government decisions being made however this loyalty to our country affects us personally. Write down a few thoughts that you have of what you learned from your family and how it affects you now. How do you relate to your tribe and carry on your loyalty? When you can accept the changes from these questions you may find that healing is just around the corner.

Since our country is going through many changes, this affects all of us. We need to take the time to accept these changes and find our will to survive to open this chakra back up so that we may succeed effortlessly. Like trees, our root is what grounds us. If we are not grounded, and we are uprooted, then we are stressed. Unfortunately for trees it’s a different story. So take the time to find out where your roots are, accept the changes of what has happened in the past, and open this chakra to move forward for a brighter better future. In turn, we are putting the positive energy in the world that is needed to help this world heal.


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