The Realms Within: Spirit World, Afterlife and Dream Time by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 10/30/2015
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The Realms Within are the true home of our immortal consciousness.

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According to my research and mystical experiences, I would like to share my feelings about the "Afterlife, Spirit World, Dream Time" that I like to call: THE REALMS WITHIN!  And this being the night before Halloween, where the vail between worlds is lifted, the timing couldn’t be better to explore this deeper. 

Manifesting Thoughts Around Us
The Afterlife is a psychic realm that accommodates the disembodied spirit by creating their desires immediately in a symbolic (but realistic) Dream Time reality that is refined so that, unlike the physical dimension, our thoughts and feelings are instantly manifested around us. There we can experience a Unity Consciousness that is our Highest Self, the most refined consciousness that we are all a part of! This makes the Spirit World a psychological reflection of our present State of Being; a therapeutic realm that allows us to better understand the true eternal nature of consciousness, to relate it to the life we just lived, and prepare us for the next incarnation. 

Our Immortal Consciousness
We are the courageous adventurers who leave our eternity behind to take on the brave challenges of pain, sorrow, sickness, loss, change, and even morbid death.  We refine our consciousness to ever higher States of Being that create more loving and positive experiences, both in the inner Realms of limitless potential energy, and as moment centered physical individuated particles of living and conscious matter.
In the Afterlife, Spirit World, or Dream Time of The Realms Within, we are not conscious beings having a dream like we do in physical life. The Realms Within are the true home of our immortal consciousness and we are much better adapted to the First Creation of disembodied consciousness than we are able to manipulate the complexities of being an individual moment centered physical being in the Second Creation of physical life. 

Matter is thick and slow to manifest our desires, but the Realms Within are dimensions of a higher and more refined vibration so that we can easily manifest the world around us to directly reflect our State of Being. 

The Myths of Heaven and Hell, or the Underworld, Elysian Fields, and Near Death Experiences and the descriptions of the “Bardo Plane” are all attempting to explain this aspect of the Afterlife. We generate it ourselves to study and reflect on our many lifetimes here on earth, and in other dimensions of our Eternal Being.

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tinkie3: Anthony, you are great. Here is a great big thank you! Debbie

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