The Power of Spiritual Transcendence by Psychic Iris

Published Date 9/29/2019
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The lotus flower symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and compassion.

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We all face adversity in our lives and are born into the murky waters of attachment and fear that limits our spiritual growth and transformation. We associate ourselves with people and materialism and what we do for a living to determine who we are or if we are on the right track. The point is, we spend much wasted time trying to prove ourselves to others and attaching ourselves to beliefs, religions and cultures, educational institutions, and many things in life that do not serve a higher purpose for us. 

Who Are You?
As we rise above our daily occurrences, we come into an understanding and self-awareness that not everything is what it seems. We start to understand to become more aware of who we are and what we want out of life. As we progress into our higher selves, we realize when we meet new people and join society hand in hand that we are not separate from each other.

All of us are interconnected as one and have a special divine mission while incarnated at this time on planet Earth. The moment in life when you discover who you are and your spiritual purpose in life is when you have reached a pinnacle point where you can finally create your own destiny and decide what the next chapter of your life will be like or you may want to start a whole new novel.

It is up to you and only you how you will choose to transcend everything you once believed into a whole new set of beliefs that will transform your life into a sense of wonder and enlightenment.

Embrace the New You!
Purification and Enlightenment is the goal to self-attainment. By recognizing the war within ourselves and facing adversity head on is when we discover that we are on our way to the truth that has been dormant within our soul. Those who are working to escape and rise above the murky waters must purify themselves which means living free from lust and fear. As you shed unwanted selfish desires and attachment to worldly objects, your ideas change, and the world seems different. Your life has a whole new meaning and you are ready to embrace the new you! 

Like the Petals of the Lotus Flower
As the lotus flower symbolizes the journey from the mires of sensual pleasures to the plane of enlightenment it develops a faithfulness that one must travel on their path of spiritual enlightenment. Our inner lotus must have a purity of mind and spirit in order to have the power to transcend any earthly sins or pleasures that do not serve our highest good. Learning to stand in your power and transcend your ego will allow you to have compassion and surrender to your divine self. Once you have surrendered you can open up your lotus petals and expand your compassion and love to those around you that align with your frequency and raise your vibration.

When we are stuck on the path of suffering, we should remember to be just like the powerful and transcendent lotus.

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thunder: Excellent article...I will read it everyday, as I grow spiritually stronger and wiser...thank much

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