The Power of Prayer by Psychic Jae

Date 4/4/2020

In uncertain times, prayer can be a source of power and strength.

In uncertain times, prayer can be a source of power and strength.

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As a collective consciousness, all of humanity is going through one of the most challenging times in recent history. Many are seeking ways to find balance and peace. Having a personal support system, also known as stress management tools, will help. For me and many others, the power of prayer is part of that system.

There are many prayers. Below I have listed five types of prayers and prayer suggestions. Invite your spirit to guide you on what to state and how to do a prayer.


This uses positive terminology and imagery when referencing the Divine.  It includes words, images, icons, symbols, and ideas based on the inner sensory system that focuses on loving the Divine. 

Think of a positive word like love and peace or think of an image that is loving and peaceful to invite the energy to you and then just be with the peace and love. Breathe. Smile. Hug yourself. Let the energy grow. Contemplate infinite peace and love. Multiply it times 5, times 25, times 100, on and on until infinity and just BE.


This prayer is done by reading a spiritual scripture or song over and over again.  

Start with choosing a piece that is comforting or inspiring to you. Second, slowly read it then pause and reflect on it and meditate on it in a way that brings in the truth of the passage. Allow the meaning to be felt within and impress upon your heart.  Then, read it again as if you are invoking it into your reality. 


This uses your vocal power. Chanting is the recitation of words or rhythmic sounds over and over again by speaking or singing, which in turn brings about a state of euphoria and/or deep wisdom. 

Choose a poem, spiritual text, song, mantra or something you’ve even written and state it over and over again until you lose your sense of self and become whole with the energy of the meaning of the words.


This form of prayer asserts that you and Source are one, therefore there is no need to ask, because it is already given. It is freely offered. And so, we state the truth we wish to see in the world.

 I invite all of the most loving presences, powers and energies into my space. I ask for them to enter and remain for however long is needed and wanted. I know that regardless of what's going on in the world that I can choose peace, gratitude, compassion, and love, and so I do choose these at this moment. I affirm that the highest good for each of us is unfolding right now and ask that I witness this truth in each moment. Spirit knows our hearts and so I ask that our loving heart's desires be honored ten times over. As this is said, so let it be and so it is.


This prayer is matter of welcoming in and asking for help from someone/something in a position of power who can take the action required. We see the need and pray for it. As prosperity and health are the main concern for many of us, the following are two examples of a prayer of asking. 

  In the name of ____ (God, Goddess Universe, Spirit, Source, etc.) I, (your full name), ask for all benefits, blessings, gifts & healing and accept them fully in my life NOW…. for my mind-body-soul to achieve the full measure of its creation.

  Prayer of Health In the name of ____ (God, Goddess Universe, Spirit, Source, etc.) I, (your full name) ask that 100% of every piece, parcel, particle, thread, string, cord, & facet of my Spirit come back into my body now, completely cleansed & purified.  And it is done!

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