The Power of Positive Thinking.

Published Date 6/11/2012
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Positive thinking brings good things!

I discussed positivity with a friend of mine who had been struggling with work for months. I told him he had to stop thinking about all of the negative things and let go to allow change to take place.  I told him to write down all of the things bothering him. Then I told him to write down solutions for each thing. He smirked at me and then reluctantly wrote his problems, solutions and needs down on paper. He looked relieved when he saw there were actually solutions. He promised to say a prayer and go to work mindful of thinking positive and expecting good. He thought about talking to his boss but much to his surprise, within one week everything on his list was addressed, solved and he got a raise!

It doesn't always work that way but that is how fast a situation can change.
He realized for months prior all he could think of was how unfair things were. He had been so angry he saw no way out, thinking only of the negative impact his situation was having on his life and family. His narrow focus kept his thinking limited and him in misery. He is still amazed at how quickly things turned around. Without speaking a word to his boss or co-workers, his problems were solved. Each and every positive thing on his list manifested itself. He jokes now that he is very cautious of what he says and thinks.
Gently quiet and dispel your negative thoughts by focusing on your breath, the light and positivity. Turn away from the darkness and feel the light on your face. It helps to remember that for every negative there is a positive. For every thought and action there are opposite and equal reactions. Why not project and expect the positive. The worst that can happen is all your dreams come true!
A Positive Experiment

Try this as a word game with friends or alone. Anytime a negative thought comes into your mind, practice turning it into a positive thought. With enough practice you can turn even the darkest of situations into something good. Be creative. Have fun thinking big and envisioning all of the endless possibilities for your happiness.
I'm sad because it's raining all wee.k
Positive: I'm going to be so happy when I have the prettiest flowers on the block!


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