The Power of Affirmations in Your Everyday Life

Published Date 11/16/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Affirmations can bring positive events into your life

When they are repeated over time, affirmations can bring positive transformations to your life. Many self-help coaches believe that affirmations work due to the law of attraction, which states that our own attitudes and thinking have the power to bring about events for better or worse. You can use affirmations every day to help you create more positivity in your life in the following four ways.

Believe and Achieve

Successful people do not obsess over how things are in their lives. Instead, they visualize how they want their lives to turn out. Focusing on your goals just 15 minutes a day can increase your chances for success. American swimmer Michael Phelps says that every night before he goes to bed, he pictures himself winning. With 22 Olympic medals (18 of which are gold), Phelps has the most medals and the most gold medals of any Olympic athlete. His positive visualization technique helps him achieve his goals and keeps him motivated. 

Boost Your Career

Between bosses, coworkers, and deadlines, the workplace is overflowing with stress that can make you dread waking up every morning. If you're having trouble in your career, a psychic telephone reading can put you on the right path. From there, daily workplace affirmations can ensure that the stress doesn't get to you and that you stay on that path. Workplace affirmations can shift your focus away from the stress you feel from your job to a more positive attitude about the people you work with and the work you do. Once that shift in focus takes place, your job performance will improve and others will begin to notice.

Protect Yourself From Stress

There are so many situations in our lives that can bring about stress, but it's important to manage and control stress for your health's sake. Research from Carnegie Mellon University indicates that self-affirmations can actually help us lower stress and complete problem-solving tasks better. The results of the study showed that those under high and chronic stress solved 50 percent fewer problems than those who first completed a self-affirmation exercise. By using an affirmation to remind yourself that you are calm, relaxed, and in control, you can also lower your stress levels and perform better.

Bring Positive Relationships Into Your Life

From friends and family to coworkers and neighbors, our lives are filled with relationships with other people. At times, it's very difficult to balance all these relationships while still finding time for yourself. A daily affirmation to remind yourself that you're a loving and caring person who has balanced relationships can help you calm down when these relationships start to overwhelm you. Plus, if you're looking for a partner you can spend your life with, a psychic love reading can help you learn what you need to seek out in a mate. Then, a positive relationship affirmation can help you find and manage such a relationship.

If you want more control over your life, practice affirmations to bring about a powerful and positive impact.


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