The Mysterious World of Dreams by Psychic Cheyenne

Published Date 1/14/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Where in the Universe does the land of dreams exist?

Our dream world is just as real and mysterious as our waking life. There are many types of experiences we can have while sleeping. Our body might be resting, but there sure is a lot more going on!

Sometimes fears show up in dreams. Haven’t we all, in some sense or another, been Little Red Riding Hood being chased by the big bad wolf? It takes some reflection to understand who or what the wolf is.

Other times, dreams make no sense at all and are fragmented thoughts of things we’ve experienced throughout the day. We can dream of flying or floating above the trees, or peering down at a world that is totally foreign to us.

Other dreams are clothed in symbolism from the subconscious mind.  The symbolism can be very simple or in archetypes. An example would be dreaming of a man who was picking up pennies with tweezers. I would know that this man was a penny pincher and not generous!  
Another example would be dreaming of snakes. The archetypal meaning of a snake is the Kundalini, and can foretell of a spiritual awakening.

Some dreams are lucid—we know we’re dreaming and have the ability to create the rest of the dream.

We even get to see and hear people who have passed on in some dreams. 

Sometimes we dream of people or events, only to see the person or the event in waking life weeks later.  These are precognitive dreams which show us a future occurrence.  Many times we experience a deja vu feeling after this happens.

When we’re asleep, our blocks are down and psychic information can come through easily.  We go through many changes in brain wave activity (different stages) during sleep.

The spiritual teachers say that there are many realities within dreams; that all time exists now and that we are all one. We can understand this if we think about reality from a 'quantum level' perspective.  Quantum physics is not a new theory and years ago was called quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the body of scientific principles that explains the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles and how these phenomena could be related to everyday life.

When we dream of something or someone and later see this person or event in our lives, it’s proof to me that there’s something 'Divine' within us. Something has seen this person or event and shown it to us. Next, we see or experience it while awake. Something quite powerful is going on here!  And how did something in my subconscious mind know that the man in my dream was a penny pincher? Now that’s inner wisdom!!

When loved ones who’ve passed on show up and talk to us in the dreamscape, it’s very real.  Could it be that we’ve raised our own vibration (frequency) and they’ve lowered theirs to connect with us?  What dimension was it that this took place in? Regardless of what we call it, it exists within our world and is reached through our nightscape journeys. 

The Bible states: “In my father's house there are many mansions.” Maybe those mansions are vibrational frequencies and real places.  Where is heaven? We know it isn't above the earth in space.  Maybe heaven is also found within us and is a vibrational frequency or dimension?

One thing is for sure—our world is a fascinating place and our dream world is even more so.  There’s valuable information on dreams found in books and online including dream symbolism, quantum physics, and spiritual teachings.

It’s certainly something worth sleeping on!
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