The Merging of the Physical and Light Bodies by Psychic Kimberle

Date 11/9/2021

Don't worry, you're not crazy--the physical and light bodies merging is exciting!

Don't worry, you're not crazy--the physical and light bodies merging is exciting!

I’ve been watching for some time now in amazement. The veils are lifting and it’s very exciting! Exactly what does this mean, you ask? It means that the dimensional walls are lifting. For years I heard stories of how this would take place, but I will admit, I tucked it away into my mind as a fairy tale. I just assumed this would never take place in my lifetime, but I’m beyond pleased to see I was wrong. This is really happening—and quick!

I’ll give you a few examples of this and hopefully it resonates in your world as well. Trust me, you haven’t gone crazy if this is happening to you. I have a tremendous amount of clients experiencing this on a daily basis.  

Seeing Someone Who Isn't Really There

The most common theme I’ve noticed is when someone has lost touch with a significant other. They wake up in the middle of the night having to rub their eyes to look at the other side of the bed. They can literally FEEL the other person laying there. I’ve even heard they can hear them breathe or snore!

Another common theme is when someone is busy going about their day, they become completely distracted by a feeling washing over them as if the other person is in the room with them. This is generally followed by a knowing of the person, and many times an immediate shift in emotion. It’s like the feelings are directly caused by the other person, as though they are empathically taking on the other person’s sadness or stresses.  

Feelings of Fear and Anxiety

The most common theme is when one has surges of anxiety that they cannot place with the situation. Again, a wash of energy comes over them and now they have this feeling of fear/anxiety and cannot process why. I’ve even had one client tell me she sees her ex’s face over others everywhere she goes and has to really blink hard to focus on what she is seeing.  

We Are All Connected

The easiest way I can explain what’s happening here is to remind you that we’re all connected. For those few moments you wake and your ex is lying next to you, you are experiencing a light body level. In those moments, the light body and the physical body are merging—they’re in sync. Essentially, the “veils” are lifting. At times, this could even include you waking in a sweat.

This can be a little scary for those thinking they’ve really lost it, but it’s actually very exciting! Sorry to disappoint, but you haven’t lost your mind. You’re just waking up and being allowed to view the dimensions. If this is interfering with your life or career, there’s something you can do. Visualize the sun’s warm light surrounding you as though your aura is ten feet tall and a bright golden color. Train yourself to send this warm light and love to the other party and anyone that comes to your mind in this process. I realize sometimes you’re angry at this other person but try and rise above this in the moment.   This process will help to balance you out.   

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Kimberle is a Certified Psychic medium with a passion for helping you awakening your own gifts. She is referred to as a trance activator. With over 30 years experience, Reiki Master, Spiritual Minister and dozens of certifications in spiritual studies. Kimberle has been aware of her skills after her first trance experience at the age of 19. This made life make sense for her and created her passion for trance and helping others awaken.


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